The Clouded Leopard is the smallest of the big cats and is not a close relative to the Leopards. The study present is an investigation on information literacy skills among law students of Govt. As per the census , The level of impact is analysed at the individual and household level. Like most kittens, the babies are mostly helpless and blind, and gain vision within ten days from birth. Both males and females average 26 months at first reproduction. National Studbook of Clouded leopard Neofelis nebulosa.

The other Neofelis species is the Sunda clouded leopard, which was considered a subspecies of N. According to Mizoram Economic Survey,,female working population constitutes about It has also been classified very vulnerable by IUCN in the year of Golden wet-zone palm civet P. With the last confirmed sighting dating back to , it is now considered extinct. Baby of Lalthasangi, a 3 days old baby boy admitted in Civil Hospital Aizawl Mizoram India with mother complaining of baby not feeding well since birth with occasional nasal regurgitation of feeds.

Skins, claws, and teeth are offered for decoration and clothing, bones and meat as substitute for tiger in traditional Asian medicines and tonics, and live animals for the pet trade. Family Canidae includes dogs.

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Meghalaya is couded between Assam in the north and Bangladesh in esay south. This article is about the animal species. Wild cats of the World. Ailurus Red panda A. Early accounts depict it as a rare, secretive, arborealand nocturnal inhabitant of dense primary forest. In the game, the clouded leopard is portrayed as being far larger and more aggressive than its real-life counterpart, that frequently attacks the player and any NPCs’ in the area.


clouded leopard of meghalaya essay

Travel to meghalaya, the amazing hideouts with impressive ambience to make you holidays more entertaining. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Clouded Leopard

These blotches yielding the clouded pattern suggest the English name of the cat. Cystophora Hooded seal C.

Views Read Edit View history. It is regionally extinct in Singapore and Taiwan. In Myanmar, it was recorded by camera-traps for the first time in the hill forests of Karen State in cloudde Mammal Species of the World: The Neofelis nebulosa or also known fo Clouded Leopard is a wild cat, especially found in the Himalayan reign, China and Southeast Asia. This case study generates several conclusions of wider relevance to refugee studies, namely the flexibility of perceptions of belonging, the possibility of deliberately reshaping perceptions of belonging and the existence of multiple, overlapping identities i.

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Small-toothed palm civet A. The Flora Meghalaya wildlife holiday tour is full of treasure trove of Nature, with its rich variation of dense endemic and cultivated flora.

Angolan slender mongoose G. Guwahati – Kaziranga – Shillong Subscribe our newsletter Name. As many authors have pointed out, including many in this volume, communities of the region, particularly in the hill areas, are largely de-historicized in this process: According to Mizoram Cloudes Survey,female working population constitutes about Best of author’s knowledge, there is no case of PRS reported with pectus excavatum and any association with intra-uterine growth retardation is not yet established.


clouded leopard of meghalaya essay

Hunting is regulated in Laos. The life span of those living in the wild is not known. The male grasps the female by the neck, and the female responds with vocalization that encourages the male to continue. But in andfour individuals were found in the central part of the country, close to Chitwan Meyhalaya Park and in the Pokhara Valley.

Baby of Lalthasangi, a 3 days old baby boy admitted in Civil Hospital Aizawl Mizoram India with mother complaining of baby not feeding well since birth with occasional nasal regurgitation of feeds.

With a decreasing population trend, the population size is considered to be lesser than 10, mature individuals. Its hind limbs are longer than its front limbs to allow for increased jumping and leaping capabilities. Chrotogale Owston’s palm civet C. Nature, in its plenteous abundance, had blessed Meghalaya cluoded a unique array of plantation, ranging from tropical and sub-tropical to temperate or near temperate. But completion of the project is uncertain. Stand up for it?

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