In Cloudstreet all the ends are tied up too neatly to be realistic. Despair drives Sam to attempt suicide and his confession highlights the need for family. Is this how you see the characters of All About Eve? It probes the contradictions between these myths, seeing place and belonging as both life-giving, and annihilating — Australia as the lucky and unlucky country, the land of the fair-go and of new possibilities, but also a land of rivalries, prejudices and violent pathologies. I’ve been told by my tutor i sometimes use words out of content:

Medea is a cautionary tale about being consumed by emotion. The physical Fish is retarded and today there are inadequate facilities for these kind of people. Measure for Measure is about justice and truth. Balram’s crimes are unjustifiable. Although the reader finds the older Vladek a difficult and frustrating character, the younger Vladek is an admirable and courageous man. People are left in pieces, and have to find the most important pieces to put together again to get on with life.

Measure for Measure presents some unconventional ideas about love, lust, and marriage. Australia today lives on the dispossession of its Indigenous inhabitants, and the moral implications and practical consequences of that still perplex Australian life and politics. Debbie Bouwer on This blog has retired —….

His preoccupation is with the material, earthed world of trees and water, backyards and houses and fish; with bodies and emotions; with the constructing of characters that are psychologically complex and changing. Fear affects all of the characters quesgions Measure for Measure.

Cloudstreet shows that the supernatural is a normal, every day experience that enables us to find out who we are and where we belong. Your turn is coming.


While the many sons in Island have unique experiences, MacLeod shows that they have more in common than separating them. The body as it is Winton upholds the family as the source of love on earth and as a refuge from the difficulties of life.

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The marvelous begins to be unmistakably marvelous when it arises from an unexpected alteration of reality the miraclefrom a privileged revelation of reality an unaccustomed insight that is singularly favored by the unexpected richness of reality or an amplification of the scale and categories of reality perceived with particular intensity by virtue of an exaltation of the spirit that leads it to a kind of extreme state.

The characters in Frankenstein are justified in their prejudice against the creature. Medea’s sense of justice is warped by the society she lives in. Love, courtship, marriage, temporary set-backs and a new life at Cloud Street are the stuff of literary Comedy and Romance, and of the possibly marvelous. The significance of a dimension beyond the everyday, temporal one is a central tenet of Cloudstreet.

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Her eating disorder mirrors her emotional decline as she psychologically and physically withers: Split down the middle by the two families, the house is ramshackle, noisy, and full of individuals, but it is also emblematic of raw, working class, post-war questiobs life. Did it manage to synthesise personal and critical responses? Sorry, with the site being down a few days, we’ve left three unmarked essays.

Will definitely edit and post cloudtreet back here. The text is Cloudstreet by Tim Winton: Burial Rites is about the difference between who we are seen to be, and who we believe ourselves to be.


Cloudstreet dwells on the human desire to find meaning in life. No doubt, readers of the new century will find ways cloudsteret addressing these questions through their experiences of the novel.

Is this a fair assessment of Vladek? The disembodied narrator at the end of the novel watches Fish the boy-man as he pats his old pet pig: The essay question was pretty basic “Discuss how elements of discovery was explored in the text ‘The Tempest’ as well as at least one related text” Also feel free to be as critical as possible, i really need to improve this essay.

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When Prospero throws his magic into the ocean it symbolises the release of his power as he realises that he does not need it, which represents the key part of his transformation.

Through Maus, Art Spiegelman shows us that the queetions of the Holocaust will haunt us forever. Agnes’ will to survive is her strongest attribute.

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Unfortunately this essay starts badly. Her most recent research is on literature, the sacred and postcolonialism, including two critical volumes: Critical Study of Texts rubric. This blog may contain copyrighted material.

cloudstreet hsc essay questions

Charlie Williams p… on This blog has retired —…. Although Jack makes many poor choices, we never stop feeling sympathy for him.

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