While, oblique translation can be applied in transposition, modulation, equivalence, and adaptation. A Linguistic Theory of Translation: Established Equivalence We have to find Maui. Established Equivalence Teach me to seal. The translator replaces the intonation and movement gestures from the source language into the target language in order to easier in digesting the message to be conveyed in the film to the audience. In the above utterances, the source language is translated in the target language using the compensation translation technique. Tamatoa ran toward Te Fiti’s imitation heart that fell from Moana’s grasp.

Selain itu juga disisipkan algoritma stemming Nazief and Adriani untuk memperoleh tingkat akurasi yang baik pada nilai similarity. The highest frequency used in Moana Movie Subtitle is a Established Equivalence technique, because the translator translates the utterances by using a common equivalent is to easier the audience in understanding the intent of subtitle in the film. Jika terdapat dalam stopword, kata tersebut akan dihilangkan sehingga setelah dilakukan proses filtering akan didapatkan daftar kata penting. Essentials of Autopsy Practice: Moana and his father went back to Motunui village and they were song about the daily life of the people on the island of Motunui. Moana’s words are translated in the target language by replacing the grammatical category of the source language in the target language.

Menghadapi smuanya ckup rumitmencoba menahan segala sakit. Therefore the word fish in the source language is translated into the target language becomes melaut because the audience can easily understand and accept the intent and idea of the film.

Saya suka panneton, kue tradisional Italia yang dimakan saat tahun baru TLihsania. This level is an essential part, first of the comprehension, then of reproduction process.

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Kau harus naik Literal Translation boat perahuku Yeah. Catford in Hartono And the roof of the house leaked. Hasil ini clntoh lebih efisien daripada kompleksitas waktu yang didapat menggunakan algoritma Brute-Force yaitu O mn. Film is one of the tools of media to inform the public through sound and moving images, so that the audience can easily receive the message to be conveyed in this film.


The translator compress or unite the linguistic elements of the source language text in the target language text is to summarize and simplify the delivery of messages in the text or subtitling of the film to the audience. Contoh Case Foding dan Tokenizing Filtering Filtering adalah tahap mengambil kata-kata penting dari hasil token. The reduction technique in general is the translation that condenses the information contained in the source language into the target language.

Help Center Find new research papers in: When a people asks for the opinion of Moana’s father village headMoana immediately gives advice to the people and says “The windward side”. There is a translation process which consists of some steps in doing of translating.

Established Equivalence There we go.

Essay dan rabin Karp

Translation and Advanced Resource Book. So, not seeing an entrance. So the audience did not get bored while watching the movie.

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In the above utterance, the source language is translated in the target language using the technique of generalization translation. The results of this research can give more knowledge about brawijata techniques.

Moana’s attitude are translated in the target language with replace the intonation and gestures of the Moana movement with words into the target language text.

Disinilah dilakukan apa yang disebut rolling hash yaitu mengurangi nilai karakter yang keluar dan menambahkan nilai karakter yang masuk sehingga didapatkan kompleksitas waktu yang relatif konstan pada setiap kali pergeseran. Translators use more concrete and specific terms from the source language into the target language in order to clarify the message that the film wants to undonesia to the audience.


Borrowing Untjk is a translation technique done with borrowed words or phrase from source language.

Oh, no… Utterance TL: This can be done because the source language culture elements not found in the target language, or culture ihdonesia in the target language is more familiar to reader of the target. Established Equivalence No!

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia

Translating the terms from the source language with terms that are already prevalent in the source language will make the audience inodnesia readily accept or capture the text messages and ideas that are conveyed in the film.

Hatim and Mason So, not seeing an entrance SL become aku, tidak melihat ada pintu masuk TL.

When Moana was sailing, her met with Maui Dwayne Johnson. The literal translation technique is translated word for word or its grammatical structure exactly between the source language and the target language. Generalization It chose me for a reason Lautan memilihku Established karena suatu alasan Equivalence The ocean chose sesay for Lautan memilihmu Literal Translation a reason.

In this globalisai era, the big demand for movies make adults and children love to watch it. Pure Borrowing Heihei!

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