Using the picture and notes below, write an article for your school magazine about the benefits and dangers of social networking over the Internet. Instrumental — made by musical instruments without someone singing. One of the more serious dangers is meeting dishonest people. A healthy lifestyle is important for our well-being. Verbs can appear in any one of three progressive tenses: If we do not take time off from our studies, we can end up becoming very tired and stressed. Thanks for the blog

All we need is to be disciplined in what we do and adopt good habits. When we send recyclable products to recycling centres, we also get paid in cash. Using the pictures and notes below, write an article for your school magazine about your experience at a centre for children with special needs. Conclude by summarizing the main points. Puan Normah has always guided us wonderfully and encouraged us strongly to do well in whatever we do. Turn off the tap until you need the water.

I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. Pledge – a serious promise. End with a plea. Considerate – helping others without having to be asked.

contoh essay bi pt3

One thing i want to say about your blog that you have done mind blowing work on this blog as i am able to see here, i hope you will do good job on this blog Let us all do our part in preventing Aedes mosquitoes from breeding and spreading the disease. You have decided to give a speech on the reasons to respect our parents.


Write out the speech using the points given below. Water helps in our digestion, hydration, fecation and overall body detoxification.

contoh essay bi pt3

Unknown Tue Jul 10, In the introduction, mention the interesting places. This way of washing cars uses a lot of water. It alienates the young generation from their family more than they think as they are constantly online in the virtual world.

Koleksi Contoh Karangan Bahasa Inggeris PT3 (PT3 English Essays) | PEKAN DARAT

By exercising, your body will produce endorphins which makes you feel good. Social networking – system of trying to meet and talk to other people for pleasure. Although the government has been conducting campaigns to promote public awareness of and increase pledges for organ donation, not cnotoh people have come forward to pledge their organs.

Send them to recycling centres instead of dumping them in the dustbin.

contoh essay bi pt3

Write your bk based on the outline. In conjunction with Courtesy Week in our school, I would like to highlight the importance of courtesy. Arrange your points in your outline.

How to Write An Informal Letter

As the President of the Nature Club, you have been asked to write an article for your school newsletter about recycling and reducing waste. Nevertheless, there are also dangers to online social networking.


Good morning principal, teachers and fellow students. Use the information given in the question to write your essay. This will enable you to complete your revision. Getting involved in a hobby keeps the mind active and alert. Therefore, we must take it seriously. You have decided to give a speech on how you can improve your health through good eating habits. They should take a rest at the nearest stop before hitting the road again.


Recycle old newspapers and books that we no longer need. We can widen our general knowledge in different subjects. Due to the terrible crumple of the black Sedan, they were not able to take gi out. A healthy lifestyle is important for our well-being. In the past, water was used to work certain machines like turbines and steam engines. Balanced meals contain the right proportion of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

Write the speech using the notes provided.

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