In my opinion, the most essential of leadership characteristics are inspiring, cooperative and competence. Besides, I can practice my English and I will gain more information from local people by making friendship. I am eager to learn more about Business Management and Administration specifically in Marketing at a community college in the United States. What part of U. I am interested in Communication study.

I am highly motivated to be a great entrepreneur because I want to help more people to be free from poverty. First, I have a big eagerness to learn many extraordinary things especially about culture, language, and values of different people. I know the United States is a multicultural country. Bekal saya saat itu hanya kumpulan artikel dan trik-trik dari banyak penerima beasiswa luar negeri yang berbagi pengalamannya di internet. How will you share your culture with people who may not know it? For the first time, I was far away from home by bringing hope and expectation from my family.

Jelaskan pula rencana apa yang akan dilakukan setelah kembali dari Amknef dan bagaimana kita menggunakan keterampilan dan pengetahuan didapatkan dari mengikuti CCIP dan kontibusi apa yang akan kita berikan di masyarakat setelah mengikuti program beasiswa ini. Pada essay ini, kita harus menjelaskan seraca rinci rencana jangka pendek kita, artinya kita harus memiliki gambaran jelas mengenai apa yang akan coontoh, target prestasi pendidikan yang ingin didapatkan, serta budaya apa yang mau kita pelajari dan bagikan selama kita di Amerika serikat.

Mengupas Tuntas Essay Beasiswa Part 2: Penjelasan dan Contoh Essay CCIP 2018

Silakan aja email ke ilhambarab gmail. Being away from people that i love like my mother, father, siblings, friends and colleagues can be a big problem for me. After graduated, I had worked as a Consultant for Small and Medium Enterprises in a government department in Purwakarta, the 2nd smallest regency of West Java. But, as the time goes by, they finally realized that I was not as weak as I may seems. It was so hard for me to manage rssay time.


I predict the alternatives that will happen are 1 I will reschedule my time for studying, 2 he cip change the time for practicing his guitar, or 3 we do all of them at the same time but in the different room.

Short-term and Long-Term 3: After one month essayy by, I got the test result.

Mengupas Tuntas Essay Beasiswa Part 2: Penjelasan dan Contoh Essay CCIP – Defir Shah

In earlyI also ran an English course after seeing the high motivation of students to learn English. I could pay my daily needs and pay my tuition fee.

contoh essay ccip aminef

This program gathered outstanding students from all over Indonesia to learn and live together; I experienced studying in the same class and living together in a dormitory with them for three years. After I had been through this experience with the representatives from all over Indonesia, I hope for the next I would get an opportunity to experience study abroad and make a lot of beautiful moment with multinational participants across the globe in the United States. Menulis essay merupakan tantangan tersendiri bagi saya.

I know my previous education background not a perfect match for my related experiences, because I was a student of computer studies not a public relation or customer service education background. In the classroom, I will get in early to sit in the front row of the class mainef close to the professor as possible because I want to hear better as well as see better.

contoh essay ccip aminef

I had regular opportunities to have conversation with students and educating them about AIDS epidemic. I had the moment of truth which I got during my internship in the last semester of my vocational high school.

essay ccip | Meet Saskia!

Within your proposed Field of Study, please describe your specific area of interest and your related experience: Because of the economic condition of my family, I had to allow my family to take a role in deciding my future because my parents said that I could never go to the college. How did you resolve it? Dear Readers, Dalam berburu beasiswa, kemampuan menulis yang baik akan menjadi nilai tambah bagi kita untuk memenangkan hati para reviewer beasiswa.


You have a class scheduled today from 2 pm to 5 pm. And the adventure continue until now in 4Life, my recent employer.

Saya sangat menghargai apabila Anda mempunyai jawaban dan kata – kata Anda sendiri dibanding copy paste. Please describe a problem or challenging situation in your educational, professional, or personal life and describe how you resolved it and what you learned from this situation. As an ESL student, I plan to be an active listener who can focus and pay attention to classroom lectures and absorb the information accordingly.


contoh essay ccip aminef

I have big eagerness to learn about others background, culture, and point of view. It is ewsay of hardworks, discipline ccio fighting spirit.

Hopefully, I will become a great addition to become a locomotor to help this nation to achieve its potentials. However, I still have insufficient knowledge in this field. I will explore the city and find good places in order to familiarize myself in the new environment. If you participate in this program, how do you think your contributions to your community will be different in five years? Then I called my parents and told them I will continue my study for a diploma degree in a private college.

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