A limited time offer! According to Cordia staff the organisational structure within Cordia is very formal, strict and relies heavily on historical values. Cordia should seek to adopt a structure that would encourage interaction between the divisions which will in turn satisfy the needs of the organization and will eventually set Cordia LLP up as an organization competing in the open market and not simply a subsidiary of the council. The four main characteristics of the logical incrementalism model within Cordia are as follows: Cordia recognised the need to develop this part of the business given that it was a fairly new innovation in the country. Effectively, the ways of operating remain those of the past. Sate services are increasingly being contracted out.

This makes fostering a new strategy very difficult. Multi divisional structures are not without disadvantages. Spending cuts have forced local authorities to find efficiencies and the coalition Labour and Conservative parties has plans to reshape and restrict what the state does. Cordia realised that change was in the cards and embarked upon a strategy to seize the moment. This division had the potential to be the major contributor to cost reduction within the organisation. These refer to the visual representations of the company including logos, state of the offices and dress codes.

Encore is highly competitive and has an aggressive strategy with the expectation of doubling its turnover in the first three years. There are two views of strategy development; the intended strategy, sometimes referred to as the rational or analytical view of strategy and the emergent strategy which highlights the view that strategies do not develop on the foundation of a grand plan but rather develop over time.

Top management of Cordia have highlighted formal and informal processes in order to draw a picture of their emerging strategy. Henry Mintzberg describes emergent strategies as such: Free essay samples Essays Cordia Llp. How to cite this essay Choose cite format: There was a great historical emphasis on caring for the client core competences and not running the unit as a business strategy. Staff retention is high and employees rarely leave Cordia for other opportunities.


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Cordia management sought to create a strong, secure and more flexible core business. Cordia realised that change was in the cards and embarked upon a strategy to seize the moment.

Wakefield, a west Yorkshire Town in the UK, is currently undergoing a discreet revolution3. This is his opportunity to explain the strategy of Cordia, reflect cordla actual strategic outcomes and compare these with planned strategic outcomes.

The culture web reflects the privileges and the paternalistic nature of the Council. The managing director recognised the need for new business to come into the organisation and hence, as part of the organisations strategy for growth through extensive brand development, Cordia has established a commercial strategy department that ensured that all the services offered by the company was of the highest standard.

Question Three What strategy should Cordia accept and why? The various divisions that served the council basically cordiaa continued business from the council. Competition was inflexible in the other two sectors, but this was not the case for the Care Service industry. The company needed to break even in the next few years or risk the council outsourcing the services for other models.

The political cogdia of strategy is also critically evident as Cordia has powerful factions, divisional leaders, middle managers and political leaders with conflicting political agendas. Multi divisional structures are not without disadvantages. Cordia realised that they cannot rely solely on historical data and perspectives to run the company.

cordia llp case study

Instead it went the route of incorporating six, twenty week phases into the Cordia Way. The opportunities for the LLP were endless as the organization enjoyed the benefit of operating in the free market. These three divisions indicated three different dase The concept of competition is not well established within Cordia as most employees still view the company as a council division. The five stages of logical incrementalism5 are stated as: The organization enjoys being under the banner of the council for the following reasons: Cordia has highly established norms and places heavy reliance on implied authority.


This makes fostering a new strategy very difficult.

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The MD envisioned a structure that reflects a more commercial appealing to all sectors of relationship management and fluid be able to flow without hindrance from the council identity.

Given the recent turmoil over pay disputes, and the fact that the company had to pay-out large sums of money due to inequalities, the council gave Cordia LLP three years in which to improve on their competitive position in the business environment, therefore the organisations strategy focussed on the next three years of its trading life.

This division had the potential to be the major contributor to cost reduction within the organisation. The case highlights that Cordia is involved in three different operational sectors: Here key issues for Cordia were twofold.

Cordia understand that each of these require different objectives to grow and develop further thus strengthening the overall brand.

cordia llp case study

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