Self and peer assessments are also very effective because they are less formal and learners feel more relaxed when they do them. Summative assessment- this is carried out at the end of the project or course generally and are evaluative in nature. Driving test can be a good example of this group Besides these two groups there are also formative, summative and ipsative assessments. Peer assessments for Functional skills group show them the other ways of doing their work. Pair or group discussions which allow me to quickly identify problems or misconceptions are good examples of formative assessments. They give learners a chance to evaluate their understanding and improve their communication and social skills.

Can the assessor identify instances of evidence that are naturally occurring? The purpose of summative assessment is to assign a course grade to the students and to summarize everything the students have learnt and in finding out if they understood it well. Some of our learners are not comfortable with using computers for their exams so they can take paper based exams. The results can be reported in person, in writing, or in both forms. Similarly, Gravells defined assessment as the act of judging something or the process of observing students behavior samples and drawing inferences about the abilities and knowledge of the students. Assignment is effective as an assessment method since its development is relatively straightforward.

Moreover, it is easy to make comparison of the assessments results from different learners than using observation method in conducting the assessments. According to Gravellsthe assessors need to keep their assessment records they have undertaken on the learners.

ctlls assessment essay

Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this adsessment. Projects- this is an essay substantially written, treating issue or subjects in depth in a formal and methodological manner.

How about make it original? It helps learners to get motivated and promote their learning. They give learners a chance to evaluate their understanding and improve their communication and social skills.


In my assessment practice, this has been my foundation for achievement especially the classroom environment. How to cite this page Choose cite format: In conclusion assessments measure essag depth of learning.

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According to SQAin tracking the learner, the assessor need to reflect on the following questions on the way of involving and tracking the learner in the process of assessment. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Click to learn more https: The project is always based on literature research for the subject or even original research.

ctlls assessment essay

It is effective and a useful tool in helping in authentication of the evidence that the claim of the candidates have produced SQA, Choose an optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list choose a membership plan. This can be essa in different ways such as use of electronic white board activities that promotes ICT skills and English and allow students to a more esssy approach.

The educational assessment can focus on the learning community, individual learner, the education system, and the institution. Gravells asserted that this is when the assessment negatively influences teaching.

CTLLS Understanding Assessment in Education and Training Essay

The purpose of formative assessment is to aid learning and provide the teacher with the feedback of the work of the students SQA, I use assessments at all stages of the learning process in line with organizational requirements. SQA asserted that professional discussion method is one of the best ways of testing reliability and validity of the candidates evidence.

Peer classroom observations are effective because they offer insights regarding improvement of the individual needs of the learners and in improvement of teaching. Criterion-referenced assessments measures what the candidates can do, awarding a pass if they can do it, and a fail if they cannot. Accessed May 23, Furthermore, it identified areas for improvement in my own assessment practice. I think the most important contribution of questioning is that it can inspire their imagination into creative thinking and investigation.


One important task is reporting the assessment results to interested individuals and groups.

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Individual assessment-this is conducted prior intervention or instruction to establish the basis from which the individual growth of the student can be measured. Some of the formative assessments I use in my lessons for my functional skills group are different questioning techniques to check learners understanding.

We usually carry them out when the learners complete their course, module or unit.

ctlls assessment essay

They monitor progress of the learners and the assessment and are presented as a tool of improving teaching. In order to prepare effective assessments we need to think about the key concepts and principles.

Lastly, I do participate in the informal and formal assessment and moderation in addition to undertaking professional development such as the PD program which I hope will help me in building continuous improvement in my practice. Secondly, I believe I need to improve on adopting the online and digital method of assessments like aseessment e-assessments.

Applying feedback more than once will enable us to compare progress from one attempt to the next.

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