Interview by Anne-Marie Duquette. Verlag Volk und Welt, Le Devoir [Montreal] May 24, Donation to ULL of valuable ancient French books 17th, 18th, 19th century and covered mahogany bookshelves. Storage at MODL for free consultation by faculty and students. Staging supports to Compagnie La Patience:

Editura Universitatii de Vest] Interview by John Benciet, in English. Interview by Marie-Paule Delos. Interview by Suzanne Vertey. Excerpts staged by students of Drama class.

Chair of 2 sessions. Followed by book-signing session. Coaching of students from U.

Cv Modeles De Documents

Catholique de Louvain Belg. They link my interdisciplinary teaching, research and creative activities with the community at large as well as the community of readers, writers, reviewers, scholars, publishers, teachers, promotional entities for research.

curriculum vitae ebeniste

TV adaptation by CBC, Anchor Press; Brisbane, Austral.: Readings in French Culture. Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers, Fr. May, Moirans Fr. Bertrand of Farnham Can.

Web March 12, For excerpts of reviews and critics, see my website www. University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Nov. Dissertation Director for Luckson Bonhomme.


Gildas Berthelot

Read in absentia by Claude Fouillade. Jim Wicker and Anna Brennen. USAMarch R “Les nouvelles intranquilles de Normand de Bellefeuille.

On the Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature. R “De l’interdit au trompe-l’oeil. Public reading of “The Directions. Blais and Pen Club.

Gildas Berthelot | Designer et ébéniste

Heller, and Canaris, by H. Pacific Northwest Council on Foreign Languages. XYZ Montreal, Spring Psychological Assessment Resources Inc. Museum of Odanak, QC. Invited reading of fiction.

curriculum vitae ebeniste

Consultant by Fabienne Ardus, U. Literature and Painting in Quebec.

Image de la Mauricie, Sept. Consultant by Patchen Barss for The Erotic Engine, a book on the relationships between pornography and technology. Grant for the staging of my play Le Client. La Presse [Montreal], Oct. Tampa and Le Havre ivtae sister cities in Consultant by Elise Michaud, U.

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