Thank you for the excellent website. This varies by field and context, but generally you can mention them IF: I am applying for a teaching position after 10 years staying home and raising my kids. Whether it is Equity or not may determine whether the work is considered professional or not. Would you recommend just listing my position as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and the years held, and leaving off the list of course titles? I already have a MS degree but I feel that a full year of research abroad should not be overlooked. Tricia, these are the kind of things that get complicated I mean 1.

I follow the model I think search committees in my discipline are looking for, but learning more about the professionalism of the entire document is very helpful. If one has spent a couple of years at a program and then transferred to another institution do you recommend that they include this in the main Education part? Also, should a distinction be made between one-off or annual short events and longer-term series i. But that is not how it comes off looking, in a US context…. What should I do?

I recently graduated with my Bachelors degree in biology last spring and like Daphne my CV would be a little sparse.

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This is a very helpful post and helps greatly with the editing of my CV. All professional organizations of which you are a member listed vertically. I know this is ok for publications, but what if one knows they are going to teach as an adjunct at a new university in the coming spring semester, do you recommend they incorporate this into their cv before then?


Why do you disapprove of putting a diss abstract on the CV? Postdoctoral positions also go here.

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Or just the translation? Lastly, how does one start?

While the CV genre permits a wide range of variation, and there is no consensus on the value or desirability of one particular style, I am going to present a list of expectations that govern my m work at The Professor Is In. Do I list these as separate degrees on my CV? I think they should be listed twice, since the first represents participation at a conference, while the second represents a later vetting process and the publication cycle.

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I hope the good doctor addresses this point, because I had the same question. CV information EnglishAmerican Moderns. The second place is a teeny-tiny liberal arts curricilum that has a great reputation for teaching, but does not have a graduate program.

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But there are two reasons. Does this employment fall under teaching experience, or other employment? I am currently enrolled in a PhD program and expect to graduate in June I have one question.

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Spring Irish Poets: Because as long as cruriculum get the organization and the principles behind the organization, you can vary somewhat, and still have a CV that works for you on the market. Since we are living in a time with many people working as adjuncts at multiple locations, I suspect that other people might have a similar question to mine.


Not all want to hear it, of course. Or is this considered padding? Thank you for your help!

I have a similar question. Year must be visible, not buried in the entry itself. Hi again, I reformatted my CV according to your Golden Rules and it looks so much more professional, thank you! I am not sure how to explain this gap in my productivity.

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Sorry, but deviations like that make you look desperate and curriuclum. So finally here is my question: Or you can leave off. I earned a doctorate in education a few years ago and wanted to transition to a college position. First, allow me to make a distinction here with which Karen and others may or may not agree.

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Apparently including dollar amounts for grants, even if relatively small, is becoming de rigueur in my field in the US. Would you suggest including job talks and teaching in the CV, if so where? Thank you SO much for posting so many helpful suggestions!!

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