After the departure of the Communist Party of Greece from Synaspismos in , Tsipras remained in the coalition. Assumed office 21 September From to , Tsipras served as the secretary of Synaspismos Youth. In the early s, as a student at Ampelokipoi Multi-disciplinary High School, he was politically active in the student uprising and the school occupations [9] against the controversial law of Education Minister Vasilis Kontogiannopoulos. The following morning, Tsipras reached an agreement with the right-wing populist Independent Greeks party to form a coalition.

He was first elected to the Hellenic Parliament representing Athens A in the election and was re-elected in May and June , subsequently becoming Leader of the Opposition and appointing his own shadow cabinet. Mavrokordatos Diligiannis Kalligas P. Karolos Papoulias Prokopis Pavlopoulos. Foreign Ministers of Greece. But will it work? Retrieved 13 July

Tsipras led Syriza to victory in the general election held on 25 Januaryfalling short of an outright majority in Parliament by just two seats. Retrieved 2 November Tsipras, who is notable for never wearing ties, thanked Renzi and said that he would wear the gift in celebration when Curricculum had successfully renegotiated the austerity measures.

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In return, Greece would have to increase the VAT, reform the pension system, assure the independence of ELSTATautomatically cut public spending to get primary surpluses, reform justice so decisions can be made faster, follow the reforms proposed by OECDrevoke the laws passed by Tsipras except for the one concerning the “humanitarian crisis”, recapitalize the banks, privatize 50 billion of state assets, and decrease the cost of the public sector.


He declared “On Sunday, we are not simply deciding to remain in Europe—we are deciding to live with dignity in Europe”. Retrieved 15 July Inhe was elected as leader of Syriza, succeeding Alekos Alavanos.

Retrieved 16 October Sia Anagnostopoulou Research and Innovation: Assumed office 4 October Theano Fotiou Corruption Issues: His mother’s family curroculum its roots in a village near Babaeski in an area of Eastern Thrace which was transferred from Turkey to Greece during the population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

The speech was given in English to a German audience and intended to be listened to throughout Europe.

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Trikoupis Koumoundouros Diligiannis Louriotis S. From toTsipras served as the secretary of Synaspismos Youth.

Retrieved 17 November Order of precedence of Greece as Prime Minister. On 31 May, Tsipras laid out his complaints and outlined his plan in a recap of events since his election.

curriculum vitae tsipras

Prime Minister of Greece Retrieved 30 September Andreas Xanthos Administrative Reconstruction: Heads of government of Greece.

Christos Spirtzis Immigration Tsiprass Alekos Flambouraris Daily Citizenship issues State: Legislation included a provision for “contingency” measures, including wage and pension cuts, that would take effect automatically if budget targets were derailed next year. He concluded that there were at least two competing visions for the integration rsipras Europe, both of which he seemed to reject, and that certain unnamed institutional actors had “an obsession” with their own technocratic programme.


curriculum vitae tsipras

On 20 Augustseven months into his term as prime minister he lost his majority after intraparty defections, announced his resignation, and called for a snap election to take place curriculumm following month. Retrieved 20 February He managed quite efficiently to maintain a strong adherence to the policy of the party, effectively out talking both the left and right political wings. He worked as a civil engineer in the construction industry, based primarily in Athens.

However, his accusations have not been proven. Venizelos Othonaios 3 P.

curriculum vitae tsipras

Retrieved 23 September Marina Chrysoveloni Macedonia and Thrace: Kondylis 1 Demertzis I. Tsipras defended his adoption of new fiscal measures.

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