The media coverage has varied, from Kolkata being in the eye of the storm to having got a go-by. Life in Kolkata includes such rapidly building up cyclones, flash floods and water-logging, sans warnings or civic measures. In the Bhola District of Bangladesh, an estimated , people evacuated to higher areas and shelters as Aila neared landfall. There was considerable anticipation that cyclone Sidr was going to be the impetus of disease outbreaks because of its magnitude. Increase capacity of community-level response. Remember me on this computer.

Overcrowding was found to be a serious issue as individuals reported being turned away from the shelters during both cyclone Sidr and cyclone Aila. Archived from the original on May 23, A survey found that only These outer winds had speeds greater than kmph”. Similar to cyclone Sidr, cyclone Aila destroyed sanitation facilities, water supplies, and displaced a large number of people into makeshift homes along the damaged coast Roy and Blaschke Warning signals and alerts lose any semblance of effectiveness if the message is ignored due to lack of understanding among the population. Bangladesh has also made an effort to reduce lives lost in regard to cyclones through the use of cyclone shelters.

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A Comparison Introduction Bangladesh is a country with the highest risk of disasters in Asia; for example, the rate of cyclones in the Bay of Bengal is about five to six times greater in frequency than those in the Arabian Sea Mallick and Vogt Take the course now. Gender mainstreaming in shelter design and distance.


cyclone aila case study geography

South 24 Parganas District. Views Read Edit View history. All transit systems in the city of Kolkata were halted and daily life was at a standstill due to the storm. Five days following the impacts of Aila, the Bangladeshi Health Organization confirmed that a widespread outbreak of diarrhea which has infected over 7, people.

A relatively strong tropical cyclone, it caused extensive damage in India and Bangladesh. Retrieved May 27, Several homes dase damaged in the area and power was cut due to fallen trees and power lines. The devastation incurred from cyclone Sidr prompted Bangladesh to build 2, new cyclone shelters; however, they proved to still not be enough as witnessed during cyclone Aila Haque et al.

cyclone aila case study geography

Photos, Illustrations and other Images. A study found that To edit this wikiSurge tsudy, log in. Health outcomes are an important aspect to examine as these often highlight the response preparedness of national and international agencies. Throughout the state, an estimated 40, homes were destroyed andothers were damaged.

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What More Needs to be done? It is only the tree stumps and blank frames of signboards that speak of the Aila having stormed in and left.

The implementation of more cyclone shelters. There must be enough shelters to adequately support the population pressures of the region. International Journal of Climatology 23 9: Kolkata has learned to move on. Archived from the original on May 21, Remember me on this computer. One such example are cycoone islands of the Gdography delta; individuals in this area are majority marginalized groups and landless laborers living in abject poverty Mazumdar et al.


Cyclone preparedness has improved in Bangladesh since the implementation of the Cyclone Preparedness Program in Haque et al.

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These include poverty, lack of literacy, weak communication, and lack of infrastructure i. About 2, troops were deployed to West Bengal on May 26, Through a comparison cyclon cyclone Sidr and Aila, lessons can be drawn on potential areas for improvement for future cyclone-related disasters in Bangladesh. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. India Water Portal on Flickr. Arguably, its storm level classification played alia role in the medical disaster relief which helped prevent any disease outbreaks from occurring.

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The images portray the the loss of hope, submerged dwellings to the struggle to carry on as relief trickles in. The Storm Surge Network exists to support collaboration between researchers. Rainfall amounts peaked at May 25] Preliminary reports say that at least 1 lakh people were rendered homeless.

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