From the abstract a reader should be able to ascertain if the project is of interest to them and presents results of which they would like to know more details. It should cover a range of relevant material to your project. This module considers the performance of computer networks from a statistical aspect, using queuing theory. The module will include project work involving the implementation and assessment of a speech technology device. Title page Title, name, supervisor, module code, date, and the following statement:

A bad abstract would have a final paragraph that just said “the achievements will be described” – this is useless, as it says nothing. The type of project will dictate the content and structure of the following chapters and you should discuss this with your supervisor. Testing should be according to the scheme presented in the Analysis chapter and should follow some suitable model – e. Research Our world-leading research looks at current issues which affect us all. We will cover standard theories, models and algorithms, discuss competing solutions to problems, describe example systems and applications, and highlight areas of open research. Undergraduate Project page The main assessment of the module is by a dissertation that is produced towards the end of the second semester, complemented by a project presentation session where the work done is to be demonstrated and questions answered.

Thus the dissertation structure below is only a suggestion. Project activities take place during the summer period using Departmental facilities and students are exposed to the latest methods and ideas in the area of their project.

dcs sheffield dissertation

A substantial amount of time will be spent on the ideas of software testing and specific testing techniques. These may be provided to include further details of results, mathematical derivations, certain illustrative parts of program code e. You will have regular meetings with your supervisor, who will advise on any problems you encounter.

What may be worth doing, perhaps, is that if there are any code fragments of particular novelty, then you could include these in an appendix, so that they could be referenced in any descriptions in the main text of the chapters.


This module aims to provide a solid foundation for the Dissertation Project.

The second page should be the following declaration: This module introduces the skill-set that is required to get to grips with such systems. Students are also encouraged dissertatoin propose their own topic, provided they can find a supervisor willing to supervise it and with the agreement of the Projects Officer.

It describes the relationship between technological change, society and the law, emphasising the powerful role that computers and computer professionals play in a technological society.

The programme covers key topics in computer science and software engineering, but with an emphasis on current topics in internet computing.

Department of Computer Science

sjeffield If the project involves the solution of a specific problem or the production of a specific system this should be clearly specified in an informal way.

It is often useful to start this chapter with an overview of its contents, giving the reasoning behind why you have structured it in a particular way.

dcs sheffield dissertation

The philosophy underlying the project is that the skills needed for team working in the software engineering field can most effectively be learned by experience. A suggested flow is background, project aims and main achievements. This team project aims to provide insights and wider context for the more practical aspects of the taught modules, and to provide students with experience of working in teams to develop a substantial piece of software.

Any illustrations which are not the work of the author of this report have been used with the explicit permission of the originator and are specifically acknowledged. We will read and discuss both introductory descriptions and cutting-edge research papers. All sentences or passages quoted in this report from other people’s work have been specifically acknowledged by clear cross-referencing to author, work and page s.


This module presents the object-oriented approach to building large software systems from components in the Java Programming Language.

Advanced Computer Science – Postgraduate Study – Computer Science – The University of Sheffield

Although the analysis is entirely statistical, all the relevant background is provided in the lectures, diesertation that the course is entirely self-contained. Please note that it is expected that the underlying work for the project will be split evenly between the semesters. In your discussion, you should mention any advantages or challenges created by this relationship.

dcs sheffield dissertation

By the end of this course the students should: Your signed declaration means that you will fail your dissertation if you do not acknowledge the work of others. What now follows sissertation a typical structure for a ‘design and build’ project.

Software engineering concepts focus on the software lifecycle, safe language subsets, software testing and maintenance.

This may be assessed by oral examination. This module introduces state-of-the-art software and hardware verification techniques which nowadays are widely used in industry.

The individual project is examined by a dissertation based on the project work and an oral examination. Designing high quality dependable computing systems is widely believed to be the main challenge in computer science. Disseration content of the project is typically selected by the student from a range of topics proposed by staff or industrial partners of the department. Specification languages such as Statecharts.

The main assessment of the module is by a dissertation that is produced towards the end of the second semester, complemented by a project presentation session where the work done is to be demonstrated and questions answered.

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