Archived from the original on December 25, Why were Europeans able to master guns, germs and steel before other peoples could? Jared Diamond on Geography as Power”. Diamond realized the same question seemed to apply elsewhere: The Fates of Human Societies. Eurasian grains were richer in protein, easier to sow, and easier to store than American maize or tropical bananas. Retrieved January 9,

Unfortunately his story-telling abilities are so compelling that he has seduced a generation of college-educated readers. He mentions the tropical diseases mainly malaria that limited European penetration into Africa as an exception. Similarly, Africa was fragmented by its extreme variations in climate from north to south: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. Where are you getting that from?

For example, when discussing the Spanish conquest of South America, causation is explained as follows: How was the book “Guns, Germs, and Steel” received among academics and serious scholars?

No geographic or environmental feature of Rastenburg ordained that the bomb would only wound Hitler. McNeillcomplimented the book for “its improbable success in making students of international relations believe inn prehistory is worth their attention”, but thought Diamond oversold geography as an explanation for history and underemphasized cultural autonomy.

Published by Laura Madokoro on March 20, at 8: Archived from the original on January 24, Eurasians domesticated goats and sheep for hides, clothing, and cheese; cows for milk; bullocks for tillage of fields and transport; and benign animals such as pigs and chickens.

It is most definitely not historical racism, whatever twist in meaning one applies to the definition of that term.

Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

Books by Jared Diamond. Complete list — — — Still others, he says, “have been decimated, subjugated, and in some cases even exterminated by European colonialists.


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Emory University historian Tonio Andrade writes that Diamond’s book “may not satisfy professional historians on all counts” but that it “does make a bold and compelling case for the different developments that occurred in the Old World versus the New he is less convincing in his attempts to separate Africa from Eurasia. Smaller domesticable animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, and guinea pigs may be valuable in various ways to an agricultural society, but will not be adequate in themselves to sustain large-scale agrarian society.

Diamond identifies a mere 14 domesticated large mammal species worldwide. Answered May 8, Drezner listed the book on his top ten list of must-read books about international economic history.

Retrieved from ” https: The peoples of other continents sub-Saharan AfricansNative AmericansAboriginal Australians and New Guineansand the original inhabitants of tropical Southeast Asia have been largely conquered, displaced and in some extreme cases — referring to Native Americans, Aboriginal Australians, and South Africa’s indigenous Khoisan peoples — largely exterminated by farm-based societies such as Eurasians and Bantu.

Other advanced cultures developed in areas whose geography was conducive to large, monolithic, isolated empires, without competitors that might have forced the nation to reverse mistaken policies such as China banning the building of ocean-going ships.

diamonds thesis in guns germs and steel

Similarly, the differences between the current economies of North and South Korea, or between those of the former East and West Germany, cannot be attributed to the modest environmental differences between North and South Korea, or between East and West Germany. This sounds like a school question intended to make you read the book, and you are trying to wriggle out of reading the book.


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Journal of Early Modern History. Therefore, none yhesis the many African mammals such as the zebraantelopecape buffaloand African elephant were ever domesticated although some can be tamed, they are not easily bred in captivity.

diamonds thesis in guns germs and steel

Retrieved August 23, An explanation based on geography without any racist element in it. If you had read only the introduction to the book, this question would be unnecessary. Natural selection forced Eurasians to develop immunity to a wide range of pathogens.

The Fates of Human Societies. Answered May 9, Norton in March Although Diamond does explain early formative differences in pre-historic times [15]he uses a small variety of sources, and he does not leave enough space for the role of human agency as world history unfolds.

diamonds thesis in guns germs and steel

Taking on Popular Histories Building a bridge between academia and the world of popular histories. His piece ties in strongly with many of the works and themes we have been discussing in class, germms I will attempt to address in the course of the review. This in itself is enough grounds to refute his model, both from a scientific perspective, or otherwise.

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