Turn homework in my mail box located in Math labeled with my last name. Homework is to be turned in to my office or mailbox by 4: This page is always under construction, so you should check it regularly. If you know that there is an impending religious holiday, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to submit homework early. If you tend to scratch out or erase incorrect parts of solutions, do a rough draft or type your homework.

Page , problems 10, 11, 14, 17, Cheating on exams is unacceptable. I’ll allow you to drop your lowest assignment grade in the final grade of th first semester. The 6B bus drops off in front of my house. Due to transportation problems, I will not be away on

Homework 10 due Friday, April 15 is a series of exercises embedded in part 1 of the lecture notes on differential forms. October 23, in class. Omar Antolin Camarena omar.

Differential Topology Homework

Sadly, it will be a disposable cup affair as much as I hate hurting the environment and lowering the class of the event.

Turn homework in my mail box located in Math labeled with my last name. Religious holidays are not an excuse for late homework! You will not need any of the books for the class but it could be handy to have a few different references to supplement the lectures. Class Lecture notes posted this will be updated regularly. Homework must be neat, well-organized, and legible.


differential topology guillemin homework solutions

Manifolds, homewrok spaces, derivative, inverse function theorem, submersions, immersions, transversality, Preimage Theorem, homotopy, stability, Sard’s Theorem, Morse functions, Whitney Embedding Theorem, tangent bundle, manifolds with boundary, intersection theory mod 2, oriented manifolds, oriented intersection theory, degree of a map, Brouwer Degree Theorem, vector fields, vector fields on spheres, Euler characteristic, Poincare-Hopf Index Theorem, Gauss map, exterior algebra, differential forms, exterior derivative, Stoke’s theorem, cohomology, Thom’s cobordism ring, and genera.

Office hours Tuesdays, Thursday. Problems 5,7,8 no need to do 3. Lockett not Lockett Time: Classroom changed to allow for higher class enrollment.

Spring 2007

Added some topology review notes. You may need facts from other courses to show that the map isn’t null-homotopic. Use punctuation and conjunctions to indicate your flow of thought rather than arrows or telepathy. Problems 2,5,9,10, Extra Credit: Homework is to be solutionss in to my office or mailbox by 4: Contrary to the parenthetical comment, there IS a zero dimensional anomaly!


Second semester compiled notes, with table of contents.

differential topology guillemin homework solutions

The trolley Bus 23 drops off 5 blocks from my house. Homework discussions will be every other Thursday night at my house S.

Fall 2012: Differential topology, Math 562.

If your handwriting is difficult to read, type your homework. Added more stuff aside from lecture material.

Problems 1,2,7,10 Pages All exercises are in the textbook.

February 12, in class. Write a 1-paragraph description of what you intend to write your term paper about. Page 25, 1, 2, 6, 7, 12 and Problems 7,8 Pages Problems 6 Pages Grades should appear on the Blackboard system.

By appointment Homework and Grades: Pset 4 will be due on Page 74, problems 1, 16, 17, 18 Page 82, problems 3, 4, 5, 6, 9,

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