The part that you need to switch is his hat, so go to the “Scary Swag” section and either give him “No Accessory” or, if you’ve got any, another hat item that you’ve picked up through red capsules. Once you’ve bought the Paintball Gun you can get this mission from the Red Winged monster hanging around on Monsters University campus. A little trickier with the invisible students added now, you need to knock out eight students in total. Use an “Ender” that you’ve purchase from the Toy Store in the third spot and start throwing students at the first launcher. The next guy is over by the fountain, pick him up and carry him back to the customisation building to change his hat and foam finger. At some point it’ll recognise you’ve finished and award you with a Vender Ender. The boxes are found in the middle, to the left, to the right, and at the back of the lot.

This also unlocks Bike Park Dual Pool when complete. Talk to the tall black monster near the base of the Clock Tower to start the mission to leave the area. The monster outside it will give you some odd information, ignore it if you’re not playing co-op it just means that you can’t be at, say, Fear Tech and Frat Row at the same time but you can be at Monsters University and one other place and just go through the tunnel to Frat Row. Once placed simply walk in front of it to be launched over the fence. Talk to Don Carlton after helping out Randy.

In this mission you universjty to shoot the three Fear Tech students with paintballs, just run around and shoot at them. Go buy and place the School Colors Waklthrough where it wants you to if you can, the mission seemed to basically autocomplete for me. And that’s the end of the story missions, as a reward you unlock Archie the Scare Pig in the Toy Store. A large box will be delivered and deposited on the grass in front of the building where the Infinity Cube is floating.

Go around the corner, sneak up on the student there, and then throw into the last two windows to finish the mission.

Monsters University: Homework Hero – Disney Infinity Walkthrough

To get up to the wire it’s as simple as jumping on the lamppost and climbing up it, you’ll slide along the wire and knock both banners off. Completing this mission also unlocks the “Beastly Bike” toy which you can use to ride around campus on, it’s quite expensive for this point in the game though.


disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

Head north and sneak up on the invisible students the game points out to you, there’s one hanging out around the football and one further east walking between the buildings. ,onsters will open up the Monster Customisation where you can customise monsters.

Monsters University: Poster Paints – Disney Infinity Walkthrough

Your reward is the Slithering Cycle. To do so you need to jump as you lift into the air and walkthrouyh try to perform a trick on the way down, if you land it successfully you’ll go faster and be able to go higher on the other side of the pipe.

The missions disnney are all optional sidequests, some are even repeatable specifically the campus cleanup missions, you can redo them whenever you see the campus get messed up.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

This time is a little trickier than before, you now have to sneak up on the simulator monster and scare it without it spotting you. Climb up onto the ledge and then up the bricks sticking out of the wall. Launcher to “decorate” the matching twin statues on Monsers Tech’s campus. Jump to the very top and walk over to the pile of toilet paper in the middle, free the student either by scaring him or smashing the paper off bero directly.

A blue tentacle monster will give you this mission though the power of telepathy, head south out of the main Monsters University gate and then towards the closed iron gate to the east, the one built into a brick wall with loads of graffiti and posters plastered on the side. Talk to the tall black monster near the base of the Clock Tower to start the mission to leave the area.

Monster University – A Peaceful Balance |

Launcher to “decorate” the football monument on Fear Tech’s campus. To start climbing the Clock Tower first approach the fencing on the back of it, there’s a blue eye sticking out of the ground, scare it to form a platform to get up to the wooden platform in the scaffolding.

After ROR on a Wire you can talk to the tall yellow monster with purple hair. Number two is around the back of that same building. After completing Rooftop Drop the purple tentacled monster at the end of Frat Row has this for you. Do the same thing for the second banner on the other part of the building.


So that’s Sulley, Mike, and Randy that you can use here. Once that’s done drop down and jump off the building. To get over simply Decorate the nearby bulletin board to use the Give ’em a Hand Launcher, make sure to aims over the fence rather than into the gate. Squishy wants you to walkthrouhg the cleanup of the Monsters University campus, walk forwards through the gate to the small Fear Tech sign that’s along the side of the path.

The next banner is a little further away, jump down and cross over to the west side of the Fear Tech campus, climb up the drainpipe on the corner of the veranda and then up the pipe in the middle of the swirling leaf creatures.

Approach the gate and shoot at each of the three targets, no need to manually aim just fire and it should automatically hit each one. Go around the side and jump up some more ledges sticking out of the wall to get to the very top and go back to the front of the building where the flagpole is.

Go through the gate to the north-west and climb up the Clock Tower again, the same way you did when rescuing Terri and Terry. And of course, at least one of the bicycles will need to be purchased from the Toy Store bikes get delivered to the usual delivery spot on the MU campus – the bike park toys will automatically get added to the bike park, no need to pick them up.

Go down the tunnel and follow it along until you get out the other side.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

The good news is that it’s pretty enjoyable to watch the characters eat dirt, about the first times. Once you’ve bought the Paintball Gun you can get this mission from hro Red Winged monster hanging around on Monsters University campus.

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