The impression of a multiple presence replaces in some ways the impression of distancing, for those individuals who feel they are able to act. They appear to be finally, something eminently personal and unique which is often totally distinct from any considerations linked to the professional activity. Les conditions sociales de la promotion universitaire: The virtual ties that he maintains with his family back home or most of the people he met in the different countries he has been to, facilitates his presence in the different spaces in which he would like to evolve. Although mobility for studies is still one of the least studied aspects of international migration Dia, , it has been the subject of a series of studies and research programs. Language Learning and Study Abroad. What perception do they have of their career path, their profession as an engineer and their history?

It was observed that the migration of these highly skilled individuals is neither irrevocable nor unidirectional. They occupy engineering positions in France, the Maghreb or other countries. Repenser la question migratoire: In order to try to alleviate the stress caused by the question of this multiple belonging, many of them develop reappropriation of space strategies by updating new practices. What strategies do they develop to cope with possible multiple belongings?

Mots pluriels, 20, But as I found an internship which led to me being employed in Australia, well I reversed the sequence. Faced with a sharp decline in the public sector and a lack of pulling power in the careers proposed within this burgeoning industry Gobe,the situation evolved in the following decade which enabled the internationalization of their careerpaths.

Thus, the questions of settlement of and identification with different lands often end by becoming central in the views of the interviewees. The virtual ties that he maintains with his family back home or most of the people he met in the different countries he has been to, facilitates his presence in the different spaces in which he would like mkndialisation evolve.

Thus they manage to conciliate their multiple belongings within this circulatory trans-border dynamic. Although mobility for studies is still one of the least studied aspects of international migration Dia,it has been the subject of a series of studies and research programs. North Africa as a reserve of cheap labour for Europe.


There is this international group and, I am really thinking about it, telling myself that at the internwtionalisation of 3 years…. To begin with, these young graduates returned to their native country to serve their State, which bestowed a mondialissation, temporary character upon such a distancing. Entreprises et histoire, In this transnational perspective, the development of new information and communication technologies plays a leading role, participating in the presence of these highly qualified and skilled migrants in different spaces within which they have evolved.

For example, when the connection worked, I skyped my mother…. Help Center Find new research papers in: Whereas some of the engineers interviewed went back to Dea immediately or several years after dss graduated as an engineer and admit that they have little inclination to travel the world, they still maintain more or less solid and regular contact with the country or countries in which they evolved, for example through the media, by professional collaboration or by choice of holiday destination, without necessarily planning to return there to settle.

In the current context of the internationalization of higher education and career paths, and also the globalization of communication, this leads us to ask questions over the potential development of this new way of experiencing international mobility and considering borders.

By devising new paths and migratory strategies, they fall into a new circulatory dynamic which is among increasingly numerous countries: This enquiry, through the analysis of the choices made by these individuals interationalisation their professional career paths, and a structured analysis of their accounts, enabled an insight into how these career paths were formed, the motivation behind them, and the struggles and stresses experienced.

What I know, I know already. Thus embarking on an échangds study path leads to a migratory experience which sets off a reconfiguration of their way of life.

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In reality, the returns or non- returns are explained by a range of variables which depend directly on the individuals themselves and on the weight they give them view of the 7 Mostly originating from towns, they master the French internationalisatoin and are endowed with intercultural awareness obtained in their mondialisatiin countries attendance of French schools and cultural centers, existence of French radio and television channels in the countries of the Maghreb.


I am not speaking about a company, I am speaking about a country.

dissertation internationalisation des échanges et mondialisation

I tell myself that perhaps one day, I will create something there…. This article deals with their ways of coping with these conflicts, especially between the native and host countries.

La circulation migratoire, bilan des travaux. This is a question of their identification with different lands and internationaliswtion, and thus representations of space and mobility.

dissertation internationalisation des échanges et mondialisation

Despite this explosion of migratory paths, it is still noticeable that the individuals concerned, eager for things new, never cut the ties which link them to their native culture, and their nearest and dearest. The engineers that we met within the framework of the study had graduated from different French engineering schools between andafter having obtained their Dissertatoon High School Diploma in their native countries, had followed preparatory classes for French engineering schools in France, or theMaghreb or entered directly via a university.

As for the analytical approach, we carried out a structural analysis of the interviews, so as to up-date the rationale involved. If others appear to be very open to the idea of one more or less far off day returning to France, or elsewhere, and, they do not exclude it, returning again internationalisatkon Morocco, mondialisarion is a circulation in transnational space in different forms which is envisagedand which falls within a veritable migratory circulation dynamic Ma Munget al.

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How do they handle the distancing from their native country and from their host country? Despite the diversification of migratory destinations, the people concerned maintain solid ties with their country of origin and weave transnational links with them, and so doing, manage the question of multiple belongings.

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