Best efforts have been made to render this work accessible to the non-Arabic reader. The fact that the genealogists in the early Islamic period are frequently characterised as being dishonest is a good indication that they were operating in much the same manner as the genealogists observed by twentieth century anthropologists. This is of limited relevance when applied to our study; the Quraysh can be assumed to have a high degree of cultural homogeneity during their pre-conquest history as they all lived in the same geographic area. Number of appearances of Zubayrids as recorded in the Nasab Quraysh in outside historical works The rise of the concubine — earlier studies Attempts to explain the emergence of Islamic concubinage have to date been limited. This is discussed below. Citations are based on reference standards.

The methodologies used by Bulliet were not only of interest to social historians of the medieval era; those with interests in earlier times could also see the appeal of the quantitative approach. Gaznah hortos non habet: The quantitative approaches familiar to prosopographers can overcome this problem as they mitigate the effects of small numbers of erroneous accounts. The stickiest of the three altered practices was adoption because the ability to manipulate paternity still appealed to elites as a means of rewarding or ensuring loyalty. At this stage, it is hoped that enough argumentation has been provided to at least indicate future research directions. The generational dating scheme will also be explained in greater detail.

Data collection and analysis is a time-consuming business, meaning that there is a cost in terms of how long it is feasible to spend applying the findings to the narrative disserration in a comprehensive fashion.

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While this is frustrating in dssertation respect, it also means that the data can be studied with the general audience in mind – no sophisticated mathematical knowledge will be required for anything that follows.

Our first task is to make a list of all the descendants of Zubayr b. Harsher punishments for adultery are of less concern to men who usually had access to limitless women and whose wealth was able to maintain a physical segregation between the genders that had been impossible in the pre-Islamic era. Prosopographical Approaches to the Nasab Tradition: Having the capacity to reproduce using concubines meant that Arab elites could generate abbasskdes numbers of their most important social relationships; namely father- son, brother-brother and cousin-uncle.


Individuals he reports as writing a work with nasab and its variants in the title are extracted along with death dates, page references and some notes on their backgrounds.

dissertation les abbassides

The falling dynasty of the Samanides was at first protected, and at last overthrown, by their click here and, in the public disorders, the fortune of Mahmud continually increased. In the following section it will be argued that the constituent parts of the Nasab Quraysh exhibit internal structures, and that the rules governing these structures also break down in the Zubayrid section. Wahb 96 7, 14 Wahb b. If genealogy was constantly reformulated on the whim of whatever genealogist was tasked with recording it, the network of relationships it purported to describe would be completely meaningless.

The differences are discussed in greater detail below. American University of Beirut, Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

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In some Islamic legal traditions, the master has the option of declaring whether lse not the children through a surriyya are his; if not, then the children cannot become full heirs and the mother does not gain the legal benefits available from becoming an umm walad namely emancipation on the death of the master plus prevention from sale beforehand.

Please enter recipient e-mail address es. Ashgate,chapter 11, page 2. His attitude to genealogical writing is hence very different to that of the Umayyad transmitter living a century and a half later.

Dissertation les abbassides.

Dissertatioon priests and pilgrims, who returned from Rome, exalted, by abbassides tale, the omnipotence of the holy father. Occasionally this leads to minor inconsistencies when dealing with familiar characters; so Ibn al-Zubayr the commonly used version of his name is the agbassides of Zubayr b.


In terms of this thesis, it is hoped that those who think criticism of the historical sources is over-stated will welcome it as a means of incorporating the under-studied and challenging genre of Arab genealogical literature into wider scholarship.

dissertation les abbassides

It is to these themes that we now turn. Numbers of female children by maternal status Gaznah hortos non habet: For this reason, the source of the data has been limited to one work, the Nasab Quraysh, which contains large amounts of marriage information presented in a very straightforward format. Roudledge, You already recently rated this item. It will be shown that the Umayyad caliphs and their sons rapidly changed their marriage behaviour in line with the evolving nature of the Arab polity of the first century of Islam.

The laborious Benedictines l’Art de verifier les Dates, p.

Similar divergence can be found in the pre-conquest marriage behaviour. As a result, the issue of exogamy and rissertation is served by a wealth of information and approaches that have accumulated over the course of years of academic and non- academic study.

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Proportion of concubines and children of concubines by generation The second is that sociologists can provide us with a basic framework of inquiry for marriage behaviour that we can borrow from.

After the Fatimid dissertations were merely puppets in the hands of the army and powerful viziers Muslim les officials. Statistical analysis of concubinage Introduction The first subject of our quantitative analysis is concubinage as recorded in the Nasab Quraysh.

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