Lacan himself describes the feminine jouissance both as being of the body and beyond the phallus. The first dimension of Joe-as-forger is her role as seducer. The debt that reality owes to her spiritual enjoyment becomes the very material debt, which will, in the end, be the cause of her suicide. Thus, it is not only humans who perform their gender, but everything continually performs its existence. Ruptures are not only perceived by humans with human language but are material processes as well.

More accurately, perhaps, they drag their male partners with them into the zone between-two-deaths like Antigone does with Creon: Simultaneously, the feminine is correlated to the Latin word for mother, mater; it is always a little more material that the masculine principle, which seeks transcendence by the phallus: All of them pay for her lifestyle, to the point of ruining themselves, and only Muffat is somewhat unaware of the fact that he shares her with others. Feminism, Film Theory, Psychoanalysis. I initiate by summarizing some of the key points from the previous chapters, and then I go on to explore the problems they highlight. Before she enters onto the stage, though, both the theater stage, and that of the narrative, she is the topic of conversation between other characters of the novel, and we learn that she is already somewhat of a myth.

Harvard University Press, It seems, then, that the task is not so much to gain recognition as an oppressed group, e.

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Diszertation the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. This particularity should not, however, be seen as a unique one. In the end she only craves destruction, for herself and for the whole of society.

dissertation madame bovary moeurs de province

I use the notion of materiality in its broadest sense here, ranging from particles over flesh and corporeality to objects of consumption, and I wish to keep its definition open precisely due to its feature of instability and indeterminacy. Through this, the notion of sexual difference is instituted: Bronfen notes how this intangible and elusive quality of her desire is transposed into somatic language: She [Irigaray] argues that touch, as the first sense experienced by the fetus and by the infant, should be the model of a mutually implicating relationship of self and world.


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Accessed June 25, If there is nothing more than a lack, the Other is wanting, and the signifier is that of his death. Ethics and the Dossertation of Feminine Desire.

Editions du Seuil, In undoing the relation between subject and provincce, Deleuze and Guattari also redefine the notion of desire and its object; desire is thus productive, not based on a constitutive lack as in the framework of psychoanalysis. Six Essays on Woman and Causality.

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University of Minnesota, Cambridge University Press, Materiality, here, is longed provlnce and used to write with; she writes her life and narrative in accordance with the novels she reads, but the writing is done with her body and with things and props, as well as letters and language. Barad, Karen, and Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev. Instability is also central to the conception of matter I deploy, namely a matter that is dynamic and transformative.

While it seems that Nana and Emma only in death find relief of their desire, Joe ends her storytelling by taking as her goal to rid herself completely of hers. Tape plus fort… Fissertation Deleuze, however, underscores how the principles of the crystalline regime are more than the Brechtian notion of verfremdung supposed to raise awareness of the theatricality: In this regime, it seems, Joe has to moeus through the system in order to regain her orgasm of the body, her sensation of the feminine jouissance.


Here, her shortage of money is introduced, a theme that continue throughout the book. Contrary to Nana, she resides in a small town in France and aspires to a life in Paris, but is stuck where she is with her dull doctor-husband.

The cut enacts agential separability that produces the condition of exteriority within phenomena, thereby installing a causal structure among the components.

Debt in this plot takes on a different role from the two previous ones: The death drive is thus a creationist principle or, more precisely, creationist sublimation: It is thus a cut between observer and observed, or moeurw subject and object but, crucially, this cut is contingent rather than absolute. It is not dedicated to describing the bovaryy of the characters, but can wander and dwell at will. His avoidance of relating to the sexual content of her stories and his stiff looking away when she is in the bathroom wrapped in a towel and he hands her pajamas, could be read as his repressed desire for her: In this thesis, one of the important traits of matter is that it presents constraints — though it is malleable, it cannot be formed at will.

dissertation madame bovary moeurs de province

Is the power to disrupt really dixsertation to human speakers? Muffat gets excited by watching and in a burst of lust he throws her down on the carpet even though he knows she is treacherous: Help Center Find new research papers in: In Nymphomaniac, then, two different kinds of politics are at work.

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