I use the French text for my close readings of Flaubert and Zola. By believing in it or not believing in it? Moreover, desire and material signifiers are intricately connected: Thus, I agree with Parrat that the status of Nana as woman and animal is ambiguous, but I want to displace this ambiguity away from a dual nature of innocence and femme fatale. Renata Salecl makes an analogous point in Per versions of love and hate, where she analyzes a stronger focus on bodily expressions as a result of a lacking paternal authority. Existence, then, is based on exclusions: Apparatuses are also phenomena, and they include a much larger setting of society than just the specific setup in the laboratory:

Though pretty to look at, the fly is disastrous. What Is the Measure of Nothingness? Rather, depicted in the form of feminine jouissance, a frustration-freed state is at best a place to visit momentarily, in brief flashes of impersonal being, of ex-sistence. Nevertheless, granting Nana the status of pure animal is not possible: Deleuze, Gilles, and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. The story about her is told in a fairly uncommon form:

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Where, in the first chapters, set in her apartment and in the theater, the atmosphere centers on claustrophobia, overheating, and overstuffing, the last half of the book seems to increasingly focus on emptiness, void and dissolution. The initial sequence is persistently long, leaving the viewer in suspense.

Thus, I agree with Parrat that the status of Nana as woman and animal is ambiguous, but I want to displace this ambiguity away from a dual nature of innocence and femme fatale. As we cut to this image, a track by Rammstein violently breaks the tranquil space established by the previous sequence of shots, effecting an insistently material sound, whilst the theme of nymphomania is described in the lyrics as a bodily companion, pleaded to lead and hold: Salecl writes on the femme fatale and feminine jouissance,82 that it is her self-sufficiency that signifies a remainder of a libido that other people have given up on, which grant her the attractive powers but also attest to her jouissance.


To Nana, though, his most significant feature, aside from his money, is his being a bore. Tape plus fort… Hou!

The First Complete Edition in English. It was not only the categories of male and female that Venus united. We learn of its tragic consequences for Charles, who goes mad and dies, and for their child, Berthe, who ends up orphaned, poor and working in a cotton mill. Thus, he invents a character that does in her real life what he does in his book, and then he sentences her to death due to the fact that she dealt with the new equivalence in the wrong way.

Desire is disinvested from the objects erected in a paternal hierarchy and referred instead to a traumatic origin. It is a source of inspiration.

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Power relations are thus lodged in every object, but is also constantly performed and re-performed. Ethics and the invention of feminine desire.

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The desire here founds a model of rebellion: The various material markers of the film that are used heavily in the first volume — text on the screen and grainy footage — gradually become less dominant, though they do not disappear. It is clear that the essential testimony of the mystics consists in saying that they experience it, but know nothing about it.

Moreover, the story of the horse is overall a metaphor for the story of the woman. After having left masochism she is coerced to partake in a support group for sex- addicts, in order to keep her job.


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Nevertheless, her feeling of emptiness prevails and her desire decidedly takes on a phallic quality. I wish here to suggest that, following my readings of the three works, there are 11 Scarry, The Body in Pain, Rpovince Dionysian principle of time is chaotic and cyclical, and breaks with a linear and temporal order of both Apollonian reason and Christianity.

Antigone is after all concerned with the chthonic laws, the laws of the earth. What we see and what we do not see amount to a distribution of the common.

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Design and Intention in Narrative. It is thus a cut between observer and observed, or between subject and object but, crucially, this cut is contingent rather than absolute.

Per versions of Love and Hate. This is particularly prevalent in her repeated and zealous, though fleeting, engaging with religion.

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She positively wants them to merge into one another. Again the destruction reverberates with the idea of jouissance: In his Seminar VII, The Ethics of Psychoanalysis, Lacan links the Freudian notion of death drive with jouissance, namely the excessive pleasure that is unbearable to the subject and can thus easily turn into its opposite, suffering. When Seligman reappears in her room and tries to have sex with her she kills him, and with him, perhaps also dies the desire that she has evoked or even transferred to him.

In her book The Body in Pain: In Nymphomaniac, Joe argues that a handshake is formed by all the different handshakes together forming a whole.

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