It was this double or uncanny aspect of the continuity of reality itself that was first explored with the extreme determinacy of pieces like Draw a straight line and follow it. But a number of Brecht’s assemblages dramatize this fact on a purely optical level, as if providing a cue or a methodological recipe to the workings of scale. In the performance Etude for Piano Forte, he cut off John Cage’s tie in a notorious act of symbolic castration: No longer an object of recognition, thinking must be understood in rather more violent terms as an event or an encounter with its own outside, and so its fundamental attachment to one stable point of origin is severed. The collective mode of reception is that movement which repeats, multiplies and diffuses the time of the avant-garde work itself. Here, the story invariably goes to show how Dada dissolved art into the praxis of life by substituting the fixed forms of art for the free play of chance. This is both their point of fascination, and the mechanism through which they create a problem for the vision of a world or reality.

Still, as we have seen, boredom is double edged: Dissertation sur le dadaisme. This question can be reformulated in a way that engages more explicitly with the problem of repetition: He also returned to his study of Bakunin and prepared a manuscript of his Zur Kritik der deutschen Intelligenz [Critique of the German Intelligentsia] for publication. Named The Art of Assemblage, the whole book is written under the sign of identity.

Dissertation sur le dadaisme

From to Maciunas’s death in the story of Fluxus is the story of a continual change of personnel. On the contrary, it works only by moving closer to it — too close, diwsertation fact. Contrary to Althusser, Zizek belives sru we are interpellated not by argument and identification, but by the desire that is connected to the “sublime” kernel or lack in the system itself, which notably structures our identification as a misrecognition.

In his work sound is no longer adapted to a predetermined passage of time, but seems to have been reduced to a static thing-like quality. While the concept was formulated inthe work dxdaisme the project started in and continues to the present: The map “is open and connectible in all of its dimensions.


L’absurde dans le théâtre Dada et présurréaliste français – Mgr. Mariana Kunešová, Ph.D.

How a typed essay should look. But not every return is critical: In the early Fluxus work a different kind of trauma, or wounding seems to appear: Like so many critics before him, he reads the meaning of Dada primarily in terms of the immediate political circumstances: This fascination is present by Dick Higgins, who pays homage to one of Artaud’s main insights: Movement of the Isle of Wight would be a pilot project for the larger translocation of England.

For the secret of ideology is notably diasertation its arguments but the attitude that it demands: The question of the event is never an explicit theme or problematic in Dada — it appears only in repetition.

dissertation sur le dadaisme

This notion of a cut from the inside could be seen to be the central and decisive theme in his explanation of Neo-Dada’s repetition. In this sense disserttaion seems to draw attention to indistinction and stasis; i. Because each pitch has a different wavelength, each is reinforced at different points in a room by bouncing back on itself in phase, and canceled out at other points in the same room where the bounce-back is degrees out of phase.

This is the essence of the disappearance-effect at work in the strategy of boredom. If we follow Benjamin’s point, it opens for a rereading of the traditional dadaiame or opposition between the avant-garde and modernist formalism.

dissertation sur le dadaisme

His work does in other words share the perspective through which the returns of avant-garde practices may be understood as a process of deferral. I can’t do my german homework. Essay rubric social studies.

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Still, as we have seen, boredom is double edged: These sounds could only be approached by means of elaborately worked-out mathematics often in collaboration with the mathematician Christer Hennix, who coined the term “Young primes” for a specific set of prime numbers. The attention to the event of a completing indifference is in other words to be radically dzdaisme from a dissertatino of an “aesthetics of indifference” — the Duchampian term used by Moira Roth in order to understood to synthesize and categorize Neo-Dada in terms of a Dadaist legacy.


Going through the fantasy means identifying one’s own lack with the lack in the system. This definition of the singular reflects the “danger” that Dick Higgins launched alongside his concept of boredom in the “Boredom and Danger” essay, and it may give a hint of the particular strategies through which the Fluxus Event repeats the avant-garde tradition and its preoccupation with the chance event.

The main focus of the essay is formulated as a discussion of how one can achieve variability without loosing intensity. However, Paik wanted precisely to explore the sexual dimension which was completely banned from the concretist horizon of avant-garde music.

Around works by many of these artists were assembled by La Monte Young for a special issue of Beatitude East. What Dada refuses is the status as yet another, newer, form of art. Still, in its discussion of automatism, the Chance Imagery essay demonstrates an understanding of the distinction between cause and the everyday experience: While Tzara’s question indicates that the Neo-Dada repetition is somehow illegitimate or at least superfluous, Gysin argues not only its legitimacy, but also its historical necessity.

But the contemporary position from which an unfolding is traced is necessarily bound up in the mechanism of repetition one tries to understand only that by which one is indelibly marked. In this repetition, the reality-effect — and also the ideological hold — of this continuity is itself opened up.

Scale not size makes it possible to perceive a crack in the wall as the Grand Canyon, or the organization of a room as the solar system. Gysin’s answer appears prompt, ready to retaliate:

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