Information and notifications from the Doctoral Examinations Office. The Graduate School of TU Dresden The Graduate School is the central hub of contact for all doctoral students and post-doctoral students for all questions concerning the doctoral and postdoctoral phase of their studies at TU Dresden. Subsequently, the unsteady behaviour of the blade boundary layer will be considered. The influence played by the electric field profile in the response of the molecular complex is also investigated. Skip to main navigation. Numerous excellent research facilities at TU Dresden in Life Sciences work on molecular bioengineering, regenerative therapies and research illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Also Howell et al.

While metallic nanoparticles nucleate and grow SWCNTs, opened and activated fullerene structures are used for all carbon catalyst-free growth of single wall and double wall carbon nanotubes. The data significantly advances our understanding of horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes by both post synthesis alignment as well as directly as-synthesized routes. For more information, please contact our Alumni Officer. Contact My Account Login. Address postal Postal Address: TU Dresden has a broad spectrum of Humanities and Social Sciences and is in an excellent position to conduct interdisciplinary research on the big questions of our times. Although this fact has received increasing attention within recent years, blade row interactions effects are not yet typically addressed in current design systems of turbomachinery Van Zante et al.

Moreover, closely packed arrays of parallel SWCNTs are required in order to sustain the relatively large currents found in high frequency devices. While metallic nanoparticles nucleate and grow SWCNTs, opened and activated fullerene structures are used for all carbon catalyst-free growth of single wall and double wall carbon nanotubes.

The low temperature dissertatiin the production process, allowing the formation of aligned nanotubes on pretty much any substrate, is the maschinewesen advantage of the post synthesis routes, while the poor levels of reproducibility and spatial control, and the limited quality of the aligned tubes due to the inherently required process steps are limitations.

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Every year, nearly young scientists enter doctoral and post-doctoral programmes at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, with more than 20 percent being women – an increasing trend. Their high charge mobility, exceedingly good current-carrying capacities and ability to be either semiconducting or metallic xissertation them ideal building blocks for nanoelectronics. Finally, the validation maschinensesen these findings is carried out via comparison with accesible experimental results and opening the gate to plausible strategies where the paradigm can be implemented.


This requires a detailed physical understanding of the unsteady flow field and the resulting effects on the performance and flow stability. Information and notifications from the Doctoral Examinations Office. Thus, it is shown that even small changes of the classical square geometry between driver and target cells, such as those induced by distance variations or shape distortions, can make cells respond to interactions in a far less symmetric fashion, modifying and potentially impairing the expected computational behavior of the m-QCA.

Finally, a drrsden and unique strategy for large scale alignment of carbon nanotubes is presented by combing dielectrophoresis during Langmuir-Blodgett assembly process.

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This information is available in German only. Indeed, the knowledge enables such tubes to be grown in high yield and with a high degree of special control.

Also of fundamental importance is to revisit well-established synthesis techniques employing a new set of materials as precursors, substrates and catalysts. These CVD techniques suffer some drawbacks, namely, that because they are synthesized using catalyst particles metals or non-metals the catalyst material can contaminate the diesertation and affect their intrinsic properties.

Skip to main navigation. One-dimensional nanomaterials are one of the most spectacular and promising candidates for technological application in the field of nanotechnology. Skip to secondary navigation. The award is one of the most highly revered prizes for final theses at the TU Dresden.

dissertation tu dresden maschinenwesen

Furthermore the boundary layer state substantially influences the heat mzschinenwesen between the blade surface and the fluid, which is an important aspect for turbine blades. Due to aerodynamic blade row interactions the pressure distribution on the blades considerably changes in time. This includes a functionalization study with new strategy for hybrid bio-functionalization of carbon nanotubes which could have potential application in drug delivery, genetic engineering and biosensors.


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This can lead to a reduction of fatigue life maschinenween even a destruction of the blading. Center of Scientific Landscape in Dresden Learn more. The extraordinary properties of the single wall carbon nanotubes SWCNTs have stimulated an enormous amount of research towards the realization of SWCNT-based products for different applications ranging form nanocomposites to nanoelectronics. Learn more about admission requirements, applications and guidelines.

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The knowledge of the unsteady blade boundary layer development is especially important for a possible reduction of turbomachinery blade losses. However, to exploit its full potential and to ensure efficient scale-up, self assembly of such nanoparticles is absolutely essential.

Hence, five different molecular complexes which offer a potential playground to realistic implement the m-QCA paradigm have been investigated. Address postal Postal Address: The model has been further extended to consider time-dependent external electric fields in which a special emphasis is given to the profiles in which this external parameter can interact with the associated molecular complex.

Eventually, selected results concerning the influence of blade row clocking on the unsteady profile pressures will be shown. Show map of this location.

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In addition, the transport properties of the aligned tubes at room temperature disertation also investigated through the fabrication of devices based on these tubes. The results of these calculations demonstrate the possibility to obtain real systems in which intra-molecular charge localization can be combined with self-assembly scaffolding and absorbed on either Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite HOPG or metallic-surfaces. Learn more about admission requirements, guidelines and regulations.

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