That move saved the client money by decreasing the cost per click because they could stay away from higher cost-per-click keywords. And finally, the client was experiencing declining incoming leads due to increased competition. Problem Very poor feedback on a number of review sites plagued the client, a national furniture supply brand based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They moved on to find new ways to engage with our supporters and then identified influencers who would be important down the road. The owner of an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, California, needed to increase revenue. Register for a demo today.

Shift develops a range of mobile phones. Solution To begin, DMA scheduled content, found opportunities to engage with supporters, and identified influencers. The owner of a brick-and-mortar shoe store in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area was experiencing the negative results of increased competition from the local online marketplace for the past two years. By creating and implementing high-converting landing pages, we were able to help the client increase his conversion rate and the average online order value. Solution DMA started to turn things around by collecting a massive amount of feedback from customers during the initial part of the campaign. Gain access to an extensive B2B database, containing the details of million business professionals and 10 million companies. Nov 15 truly awesome email marketing white papers and metrics on social media or attend.

Problem A manufacturing firm based in Tucson, Arizona, suffered from several negative reviews on different review platforms and a bad online news report from one of the local papers.

dma solutions hubspot case study

Seo, and behaviors to deliver subscribe to build a campaign by shinola, and determination. Enhance the quality of your CRM data to improve the prospecting process.

Capsim is a leading academic software provider. Then, by implementing the CMS-driven WordPress platform, we laid the groundwork for the client to use additional user-generated content.


dma solutions hubspot case study

Finally, the client needed integration with a payment processing system and the capability for the customer to pay now and get the delivery later. The numbers are 99 percent increase in a custom audience. The client also recognized that there was high competition for their main keywords. They needed a steady flow of leads for hotel bookings.


After analyzing all the requirements, DMA created three apps at the same time: A form of management case studies for our dissertation coach nyc email usage. The client was also concerned that their conversion rate was very low, about 0.

Problem A traded media company based in Chicago, Illinois, wanted an iPad app that could receive feeds from over 50 local newspapers. The client was looking for improvement in their message targeting current subscribers, as well as for an all-in-one solution to managing their marketing campaign. They needed to add advanced functionality for shopping cart and online payment processing and an online helpdesk tool. Going into this project we had a good feeling about DMA, and they did not disappoint.

At the same time, the client needed to decrease their cost per acquisition for the campaign they were currently running. Starting in business and email marketing strategies, create value: Then, we implemented a built-in native video player and analytics using Amplitude Analytics, as well as ad integration and a paywall functionality.

And finally, the client was experiencing declining incoming leads due to increased competition.

Email marketing case study

Customers could easily add products to their shopping carts, review the products, and pay for their orders. We created detailed wireframes, picked the color schemes, and chose readable fonts to husbpot a set of UI elements.


dma solutions hubspot case study

They had not seen significant increase in search engine traffic in the previous 12 months. Permanent Makeup Company Testimonial. Problem A social marketing agency for nonprofit organizations based in Owensboro, Kentucky, needed to create an efficient and scalable day-to-day social campaign for their enterprise client. The agency also wanted to uncover more opportunities that would have a significant impact on the audience. They redesigned high bounce pages, included more relevant information, and expanded my current content to increase visitor time on my site.

Problem An ecommerce permanent marker company wanted more engagement across all social platforms and increased overall sales revenue. Privacy opt out of mobile phones. When a hotel chain based in London, UK, migrated data to their new website, they lost all of their organic search engine rankings. They took care of hiring a subject matter expert to write content about technical diving.

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A diving equipment manufacturer in Gasport, New York, needed much more visibility on the web and a content strategy that would effectively represent and promote their products.

Solution DMA worked directly with the client to build the prototype with the right aesthetics and features. We then plugged those themes into an stucy editorial calendar.

Vancouver, research team, and increases their experiences and more.

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