Traditional feminine characteristics, as identified by Phillipa Gates, are weakness, submissiveness, vulnerability, emotional expression and passivity Neff’s seduction at the hands of Stanwyck sets off a chain of events that eventually leads to his fall bleeding and waiting for the law to come for him and Stanwyck’s death at his hands. The two scenes, from movies just a few years apart, have completely different effects. An in-depth look at the Thus, noir provides a perfect basis for analyzing the patriarchal gender relations of the mid 20 th century.

With children ages 11 to 14 reportedly watching nearly three hours a day of television, TV programming can be enormously influential As the narrator, he controls the story and its tone, and places himself in the position of deluded victim. Thus, patriarchy is a social order that puts men in a superior position and subordinates women to them. Text of the Production Code. More By This Author: This is the legendary tag line for Billy Wilders most incisive film noir, Double Indemnity, even th

In the film Double Indemnity, Billy Wilder, Movie Maker: On an even darker level, she is definitely more desirable than his ill, older wife, and therefore serves as a welcome replacement. The killing of her husband finds her ablaze with satisfaction.

Her ambiguity of character is mirrored in her appearance: When we first meet Phyllis, her character is perfectly introduced through brilliant presentation.

Why is Phyllis in “Double Indemnity” hailed as one of cinema’s greatest femme fatales

Instead, she finds another woman, blonde and leather jacket-clad. Exaggerations and Stereotypes of Schizophrenia in Contemporary Films. Produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

As the narrator, he controls the story and its tone, and places himself in the position of deluded victim.


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The film explores the manner in which a good man can become embroiled in fatalf bad situation — that way is mainly exposed as the way of the flesh. Tortured by temptation, Neff quickly becomes intimately involved with Phyllis the night she shows up at his home unannounced.

double indemnity femme fatale essay

I decided to fatalf this chapter because their male-male bond reinforces patriarchal ideas and is a perfect contrast to the relationships of Phyllis with Walter and her husband. She has no conscience, no scruples, and hardly any feelings other than greed and frustration. Due to filmmakers focusing on violence, traumatic events, and hallucinations when depicting characters with schizophrenia, critics have scrutinized the representation of mental disorders in contemporary films for years.

My research interests include Horror, Gender, and Adaptation.

The camera follows his lustful gaze giving a long close-up of the douboe in question. The femme fatale as a female archetype in Film Noir The nuclear family is the most important institution within the patriarchal culture. Both are attracted not so much by the crime as by the thrill of committing it with the other person. Perceptions of Heroes and Villains in European Literature.

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The containment of female agency that Wager describes as a major aspect of film noir can be seen not only as a response to the female labor force of the era, but to the seduction of the femme femne in particular. The newsletter highlights recent selections from the journal and useful tips from our blog.


double indemnity femme fatale essay

When he realizes that she has used him, and that she was not buying her freedom to share herself with him, he knows there is only one solution — she must die. Psychology, Society, and Ideologyhandout.

The reversal of gender stereotypes plays an important role when analyzing the role of the femme fatale in Film noir, a point to which I will return to at a later point. Creed essay nco Creed essay nco mairie la In her seminal essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” Laura Mulvey connects psychoanalytic concepts of scopophilic desire1 and Jaques Lacan’s theory of the Mirror Stage2to the cinema spectator’s gaze.

Bordwell, David and Kristin Thompson. He is a criminal and the film does not deny that. Double Indemity Femme Fatale Analysis. That is, he is attracted to the romantic idea that committing this crime will provide them with money and presumably the ability to make honourable their affair.

He feels no need to provide for her after his death. Meanwhile in Hollywood the threat manifested itself into what Wager describes as the postwar phenomenon of film noir He fails in his escape plan and will soon face the consequences of what he has done, but the audience is supposed to see this as a tragic fall rather than as essxy destruction of a dangerous force of evil.

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