He covered prokaryotic genetics if I remembered correctly. They were so technical, I forgot it the moment I did not need it anymore. There is less calculations and more lengthy explanations. For Prof Too, just study everything in his notes. Dsc term paper — video help — 93 Dsc term paper reviews.

Rather interesting to be honest, until he reached the DNA portion, where primer design and sequence were introduced. Molecular Biology This module teaches the structure, organization and function of genes and genomes in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes e. You can bring cheat sheet for both of them so expect the bell curve to be steep. Otherwise just another content heavy portion. Mine was Vik Gopal, and I found him really good at explaining otherwise rather abstract concepts. To facilitate my revision, I bought from a good lad a set of self compiled summary of each topic in a chronological order.

All the quiz are germ duration, 1 attempt type. For the finals, there are 8 questions and we have to choose 3, 1 from each topic. Have a look at the past year paper in the library portal. He covered prokaryotic genetics if I remembered correctly.

dsc2006 term paper

Lesson 28 homework answers! We learnt that non-invasive methods exist to test the genotype of the fetus without the need for blood test or requiring the amniotic fluid.

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This module was rather well structured and paced. But more important than that I feel, is the organization of your cheat sheet — that can be brought into the exam.

He was funny and more engaging. No point mapping this module overseas, it really felt like a CAP puller for me. As for peerwise, the first portion was a mess. Ensure that you thoroughly understand the rational behind the statistical model, know how to interpret correctly the SPSS output and make accurate and relevant conclusions.


Dsc term paper –

I would say that this module is really light and while not that straightforward for certain aspects, is generally rather simple. I went for the lectures and tutorials in the beginning, but started skipping them altogether shortly after. In short, the entire assignment became screwed up.

He told us almost blatantly Minimum bacteristatic inhibition what would be tested for his portion in the finals. The open book nature of this module meant that I could focus more on the understanding rather than memorizing hard facts.

dsc2006 term paper

What I liked most about this module is its structure. While the content may be heavy, the CA and finals are open book, and that greatly reduced the workload.

Grading structure is simple: There were a fair amount of formula to be acquainted with cheat sheet allowedbut otherwise they should be rather straight forward as long as one understands the concept. Grading structure had a good mix of exams and CA: I believe I have done well for the finals.

dsc2006 term paper

Besides the tutorial had derivation questions as well. Thereafter, it was new stuff, resolving around DNA sequencing techniques such as sanger sequencing, and new 2nd and 3rd generation sequencing such as Illumina etc.

Accountancy students will be taking this module at Year 2, as opposed to normal Biz Admin Students who take this in Year 1. However, the module became non-webcasted this paprr, and I missed some of the earlier lectures.


As for the portion on the heart by Dr Zakaria, we learn in greater detail about how the heart functions, and also how to interpret the ECG — interesting and applicable to daily life not that I would remember them for too long.

I felt that a pedigree analysis to determine whether the mode of inheritance for a particular disease Autosomal or x-linked, dominant or recessive would be tested, and studied for it, and one question on it came out 20marks.

But I thought otherwise. As per PC, I got the textbook and solution manual, and did almost all the questions in the textbook as a form of revision.

Dsc2006 term paper

The rather taxing content aside, the knowledge I gleaned out from this module was rather applicable and can be related to. I was actually looking forward to his segment since it sounded ter, but no. DNA topology, hierarchy of packaging of DNA in chromosomes and relationship to gene activity and genome dynamics.

However after recess week, I was swamped with work, and missed many lectures it was webcasted. This module is rather interesting in that it was very different from my core modules. I believed that if I had done my mid term well, I could have pushed my grade higher but trem satisfied with the module as a whole.

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