Lola Nidora is hoping that the acid thrown at Alden will damage his face so that Yaya Dub will avoid him. Barbara Sastre presents the finished wedding gown to Lola Nidora. Retrieved from ” https: After not gaining any progress in the search, the sisters take matters on their own hands and go on the hunt. Meanwhile, Yaya Dub finds a possible escape route from her abductors. Furthermore, the old woman prophesied that on Halloween, October 31, , there is a house that her 3 daughters, together with the little girl and the dimpled-man, need to find to understand the meaning of true love.

Panuorin ang full episode ng Eat Bulaga! Guy and Pip – Facebook”. Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub are not happy when they find out that some pages from the Secret Diary have gone missing. With Alden’s absence, Yaya can then focus on her performance. Alden is the first to perform while Yaya Dub watches on the split- screen monitor.

Eat Bulaga #ALDUB Kalyeserye August 28, [2/4] – video dailymotion

Meanwhile, Yaya Dub recuperates from her sickness and joins Lola Nidora, who is happy at Yaya’s return.

Retrieved 13 April Part 1 – Facebook”. Isadora also asks Alden to take care probldm Divina. Lola also advises that Yaya must not give all her love to Alden but also leave some for her Lolas. Alden opens the box to find a ring and presents it to Yaya Dub.



Tinidora is also absent as she is at the embassy trying to sort out her papers for her travel to Europe. Retrieved 5 May Retrieved 8 July Yaya Dub and Alden appear nervous about the declaration they are about to make, but they promise to support each other whatever the outcome.

Eventually, the police arrive and try to arrest Lola Nidora on charges of abduction. The Ransom – Facebook”.

eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

There is one more day to go before the Sa Tamang Panahon benefit concert. DuhRizz then apologizes to everyone for the problems that she has caused and leaves.

Retrieved 22 February Tatay Dodong – Facebook”. Lola Nidora entertains two applicants for the position of the maid. Because of chest pains, Nidora is brought back to the ambulance and rushed to the hospital.

eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

Part 2 – Facebook”. Nidora tells her granddaughter that she can still find true love regardless of her social or educational background and physical appearance. Retrieved 13 June As the story unfolds, characters from Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub’s past are revealed as a part of their backstory. Retrieved 27 October Prooblem 9 May Happy 8th Monthsary – Facebook”. Retrieved 22 July Alden must carry a bundle of wood from Broadway to the intersection of Aurora Boulevard and EDSAwhere a Rogelio will be waiting for him, within 20 minutes.


Fashion Show – Facebook”.

Eat Bulaga #ALDUB Kalyeserye August 28, 2015 [2/4]

Retrieved 1 August Twenty Four Hours and Counting – Facebook”. Retrieved 29 April Yaya is also excited to see the studio crew, especially Alden.

Yaya, who was with her adoptive grandmother and employer Lola Nidoragets teased all the more after she returns his smile and waves back. Lola Nidora reluctantly agrees but tells Yaya Dub that she has to adhere to three conditions: They also do not want a place that is dirty, crowded and doesn’t have any water.

Tinidora convinces Yaya Dub to focus on her performance. Retrieved 18 May

eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

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