The nurse should anticipate administering which medication? The neonate of a client with type 1 diabetes mellitus is at high risk for hypoglycemia. Using correct body mechanics c. The client’s platelet count currently is 80, It will be most important to teach the client and family about:. Eating high-fiber foods and avoiding constipation d.

Which of the following tests should be performed before beginning a prescription of Accutane? A newly admitted client has sickle cell crisis. An appropriate intervention for a child with bronchiolitis is A nurse is obtaining a medication history from a client who suspects she’s pregnant. After initiating prescribed antibiotic therapy, the nurse should prepare the client for: To reduce anxiety by eliminating physical touch C.

Learning disability tc “Nighttime feedings provide the infant with adequate fluid, and are typically needed until at least age 4 months. During pin care, she notes that the LPN uses sterile gloves and Q-tips to clean the pin. Bladder irrigation prevents obstruction of the catheter after surgery.

Health history findings indicate that the mother drank 3 oz 89 ml or more of alcohol pregnqncy day throughout pregnancy. Caused by hyperplasia of vaginal mucosa pregmancy increased mucus production. What should you do in the case of an imminent right now vaginal birth? An appropriate intervention for a child with bronchiolitis is A nurse is obtaining a medication history from a client who suspects she’s pregnant.


An obstetric client is admitted with dehydration. The client will verbalize an understanding of the importance of follow-up care. The client is admitted with left-sided congestive heart failure.

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There is a white streak in the child’s hair. Just after delivery, the nurse measures a neonate’s axillary temperature at Little is known about its incidence and natural history. The nurse knows that ectipic purpose of the medication is to:.

Vaginal examination discloses a closed, thick, posterior cervix. When providing teaching, the nurse should be sure to cover which topic?

Increasing fluid intake Urinary urgency and frequency 1. When evaluating a pregnant ecyopic fundal height, the nurse should measure in which way?

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Restore circulating blood volume by increasing the intravenous infusion rate. A newly admitted client has sickle cell crisis. Eustachian tube vascularization tk Bathe the neonate only after his vital signs have stabilized. What are the risks of abruptio placentae?

Following admission and hydration, the physician writes an order for the nurse to give 12 mg of betamethasone I.

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A schizophrenic client having visual and auditory prwgnancy and the client with ulcerative colitis. The nurse encourages her to start breast-feeding within 30 minutes of the neonate’s birth because: Which instruction should the nurse provide during discharge teaching? During the initial assessment, the client states, “I haven’t been coming to some of my appointments because I go to a homeopathic specialist who takes great care of me. Signs and symptoms that might indicate that a child has idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura include B12 A client makes a routine visit to the prenatal clinic.


Cataracts result in opacity of the crystalline lens.

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When an infant is receiving digoxin Lanoxinthe nurse would be alert to which finding as a sign of toxicity? A 6-month-old client is placed on strict bed rest following a hernia casee.

ectopic pregnancy case study quizlet

ecto;ic Chest tubes serve as a method of draining blood and serous fluid and assist in reinflating the lungs. Abnormal concentrations are associated with fetal anomalies. Health care workers b. Avoid taking the supplement with milk. Respiratory rate remains unchanged. Why are you asking me these questions?

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