Nonetheless, the same idea of plebian life as a test holds for L’Assommoir , although the range and the types of responses are quite different. Move your mouse pointer over French or Spanish text to see translations. Parts of this vision echo Michelet and his generation of social romantics almost directly: Abstract In the following thesis, we will be applying a number of linguistic, stylistic and critical techniques with a view to elucidating the phenomenon of literary translation. This lengthy second chapter is then followed by an analysis of the postulate that translations tend to be more periphrastic and explicit than originals. Il me semble que vous avez un coup de soleil dans les yeux, maintenant

First, that naive goodheartedness of a Gervaise is a liability in Zola’s working class world as opposed to being a common characteristic in Michelet’s: Her marriage to the roofer Coupeau had prospered for a time, even to the extent that she had been able to get her own laundry business, until Coupeau injured himself in a fall from a roof, was cripped for months, and subsequently degenerated into alcoholism. L’atelier de cartonnage de M. For a variety of reasons, both hereditary and acquired, they are or become alien to their class. For Zola, religion appears to be a form of escaping the troubling realities of the world and of human nature.

His infectious politicking excites the miners to contribute; of course, the free flowing liquor of the festival day is in his favor and in fact symbolizes the character of his radicalism.

Translating Zola’s L’Assommoir: a stylistic approach

They expect from popular revolution a sudden, apocalyptic, sometimes almost bloodless change in the didsertation and in the nature of man. But as hardship mounts and becomes relentless, she finds it increasingly difficult to persist. The miners are quick to sense not only Etienne’s foreignness but his higher level of education or literacy. For Michelet the “humble life” was poetic; poverty and necessity instilled a stronger morality and higher values.

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Such behavior, however, is not limited or peculiar to the common people in Zola’s world. Also, there is much of the mystic and the religious in his message as well as in those who are inspired by it.

emile zola lassommoir dissertation

Orphaned or abandoned children, freely rambling about and living on the streets of Paris, also appear in Le Ventre. This opinion toward the middle of the novel when Etienne’s campaign for the relief fund is under way, becomes widespread; he grows in the esteem of all the coal miners as a Translation to come The romantic vision of the people of course implies a rather saintly behavior on the part of the people and sets into greater relief the true nature of the group which is a mixture of egoism, brutality, with little of the saint added in.


Having brought her son to Paris after her husband had killed a man in a drunken fit and had subsequently strangled himself in prison, Madame Goujet seems to be expiating a certain guilt Translation to come This is hardly the continuing heroism that Michelet found in the peuplethough understandable nonetheless. Instead L’Assommoir rejects in almost categorical way the crucial elements of the romantic sociology of the peuple. His efforts to civilize are thus only partially successful, and when they fail, it is disastrous for him.

The Populist Romance: L’Assommoir and Germinal: Orpheus among the Peuple

Of course such thinking and such politics is generally incomprehensible to the peuple as a whole and serves to alienate Florent or Etienne, for example, from those they wish to serve.

Similarly, Valjean in Paris can be considered wealthy and retired; in Montreuil-sur-mer he had manufactured jet which was often used to make buttons.

Coupeau, on the other hand, succumbs to misfortune rather easily; after all, Gervaise’s work as a laundry woman keeps the family alive, and his injury, apparently no more than a broken leg, must eventually heal.

With the return of Lantier, his exploitative friendship with Coupeau, his actual stay with Coupeau and Gervaise in their house, with their extravagant eating and dissedtation, the dissertahion cruelty to Gervaise, the decline and loss the the laundry, her daughter Nana’s escape from home and commencement of a life dissertatlon sexual promiscuity bordering on prostitution, with Gervaise’s own alcoholism and her prostitution forced on her by her husband and Lantier—Gervaise’s life reaches astonishing depths.

Lassokmoir souffrance du juste est la condamnation du pervers While Etienne has little of Florent’s Orpheus-like disdain for the feminine, he is rather fastidious in relation to women, as his avoidance of Mouquette shows.

In it is a panorama of all the drunkenness, cruelty, promiscuity, twisted perversity, and misery that Zola found characteristic of the peuple.

emile zola lassommoir dissertation

Orpheus to the Romantics represents Translation to come Throughout the novel he experiences a certain Translation to come Madeleine in Germinal is one of the mines in the Montsou region which is owned corporately and is controlled by rather anonymous interests in Paris. Walker uncovers a wealth of mythological parallels, allusions or models in Les Rougon-Macquart but makes no mention of Orpheus. Perhaps there is no more shocking instance of the terrible failure of the family unit and the marital unit that Zola sees the working class subject to than that which occurs to Gervaise and Coupeau.


Indeed, L’Assommoir is a great landmark of a novel in that it is set entirely in a working-class milieu and does not lassojmoir the peuple merely as domestic servants or as foils for middle-class or lassomnoir characters.

No doubt, as a group they invoke the name of the people less, but they assume the same virtue and heroism of the people that Michelet seems to; thus they all generally seem dissretation ignorant of or reluctant to acknowledge the realities of human nature and imagine instead a perfect, utopian world as the result of the revolutions of which they dream.

So fierce is the irony that Zola’s own variation of the romantic populist becomes a character type in his fiction, and not a little of Hugo and Michelet as well as the other social romantics is to be found in such characters as Florent of Le Ventre de ParisSigismond of L’Argentand even to a limited degree Etienne Lantier of Germinal.

The romantic populist found Prometheus to “be a useful, expressive figure in many ways: This lengthy second chapter is then followed by an lassommkir of the postulate that translations tend to be rmile periphrastic and explicit than originals. People come from the village to listen to this Orphic revolutionary: In the fifth and sixth chapters, we consider the difficulties involved in transcribing the specificity of colloquial language and slang into both written and translated form.

Translating Zola’s L’Assommoir: a stylistic approach – Durham e-Theses

Similar crowd scenes laxsommoir in Le Venite de Paris where the women in the fish market seem always on the verge of pouncing on Florent, the inspector, and in Germinalwhere on his first day down in the mines Etienne is mocked by the more experienced miners. More importantly, his vision of the revolution is one that expects a wholsale moral change in the character of the working class and thus implies that he is profoundly disgusted by the peuple:.

Victor Hugo was in Zola’s estimation simply the literary figure who Translation to come

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