These attributes are similar to what Backhaus and Tikoo refer to as functional benefits. The attributes of this element are the objective and technical facts about the job which typically are to be found in a formal contract. The ranking of each parameter has been assigned a score. Essay Writing Service Persuasive Way of getting Your Assignment Done Too busy with your parttime job and require a supplementary set of hands to do the writing assignment for one more week? The purpose of creating an employer brand is to outline the positive benefits for employees of buying into the relationship with that employer. However, this seems not to be the case now.

In relation to our framework we find it relevant to mention ways of measuring the assets of attracting the right people and the assets of increased organisational loyalty and commitment. The ranking of each parameter has been assigned a score. The prior relates to the strength of a brand from which brand recognition and brand recall stem, whereas, the latter relates to consumer perceptions of a brand Keller, , The pyramid depicts five levels of needs. This should result in attraction of the right people.

A crucial feature of the framework is that it is dynamic. It is possible to further enlighten the issue through investigation of educational back-ground Statistics Denmark, Loyalty and commitment from current employees positively affects the organisational culture influencing the EVP, which then enhances the organisation-person fit.

Previously, the norms and loyalty of industrial society were deeply rooted in employees. The next step in our framework, once the employer brand identity has been considered and developed, is the employer brand value proposition EVP.


The search for answers will take its emplyoer within statistics concerning the following areas:. Diese inhaltliche Komponente des Employer Branding ist nicht zu unterschtzen.

The more the brand image of the organisation is in alignment with the personal values of the applicant, the larger the attraction to the firm. As will be discussed further, it is central to the framework that external and internal marketing have a circular impact on each other, whether it is positive or negative. The choice of channel in the external communication depends on the desired target group but should also add to the employer brand whether it being through career fairs, the company website, TV or radio-spots, written media or through sponsorships.


If defined in financial terms, the value of the employer brand should be measured in the same way as any other investment which is by calculating the future cash flows generated from the investment conducting for instance a net present value analysis. Result of interaction between external and internal branding.

employer branding thesis themen

It is crucial for a company to compete successfully for the talents in order to stay competitive in a market. A change in the workforce in recent years has brought a change within the psychological contract. Values set forth, such as flexibility, salary, work tasks and so on Universum Surveyas determinants when applying for a job or perceiving a company, are key since these may be changing in the talent pool along with the increasing percentage of women.

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When determining key issues for attracting and retaining talented people, the statistics on Generation Y are different from those of previous generations.

Once you learn fairly little about the profession at this time, you’ll find nothing terrible relating to this: If thseis organisation does not have a corporate brand it should consider the values of the organisation as a whole that are to be communicated. The core identity is the static attributes of the brand which do not change. One could therefore conclude that employer branding is of less importance during an economic recession.

employer branding thesis themen

brandinv Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that there is a higher percentage of women in the talent pool which is something that could be of interest in our continued analysis. From this figure we can view a decreasing rate of unemployment and an increasing rate of employment. At this point in our framework we would like to highlight what we believe an organisation should consider in order to have the most effective and successful communication of the employer brand.


Examples of artefacts could be uniforms or offices. At this point, in order to keep our explanation of our framework as simple as possible, we assume that all factors are fulfilled in order to reach an employer value proposition acting as the foundation of the following implementation of the strategy.

Examples of product attributes to be mentioned are salary, benefits, expected working hours, typical working assignments among others. Finally, we find it continuously important themeh emphasize the significance of cohesion between the external and the internal communication in relation to the psychological contract.

Another sociological perspective which is noticeable in relation to Generation Y is that it is a small generation.

Employer branding thesis themen

There is a constant search for goal attainment thezis so, companies cannot expect as loyal a workforce as was previously the case Hundevadt, Today, narrative of Argumentative and descriptive equity, Website Forto you is to to write this of.

This is worth considering when determining whether or not to implement an employer branding strategy. By incorporating this definition of value it is possible to obtain some measures, however, they appear less convincing than solid financial measures. It is important for the completion of the analysis that these parameters are recognized and their influence tbemen.

An example of an organisational personality trait is being innovative.

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