Thereafter, essays still unclaimed should be delivered to the Undergraduate Administrator who will file them in Department storage until the expiry of the official appeals period before being permanently disposed of. For all grading, including F grades, record a numerical mark as well as a letter grade consult conversion table provided on p. The University could be responsible for paying for medical certificates when faculty demand them; in order to avoid the possibility of incurring such expenses, we are being told not to require medical certification from students. The essay follows standard conventions of scholarly documentation. You should make a point of returning marked essays punctually.

There may be inaccuracies; essays at the bottom of this range may rely exclusively on secondary sources. Emphasis will be placed on critical skills in reading and writing. The marks meeting will be included in the Hours of Work form as part of the T. Instructors conduct marks meetings with T. At this meeting, the instructor and the T.

Matters such as the following will be discussed: Submission of thesis draft proposal with bibliography to Graduate Administrator By 4: There is a form to record that these visits have taken place.

The Academic Integrity Officer should be contacted as soon as a case of academic dishonesty is suspected. This responsibility is to be shared among the Writing T. A serious misunderstanding engliah inability to grasp basic concepts. Make sure they are aware that cases of plagiarism are recorded in the Academic Integrity Office, and depending on the severity and number of offences, penalties for plagiarism range from: The essay is disjointed; some sentences may be convoluted and incomprehensible.


Each teaching assistant undertakes responsibility for leading one or two of these groups. You will have to pick these lists up in the department office from the Undergraduate Administrator. An esay handed in after this time including any time after the tutorial has begun will be docked one grade-point a day.

Suggestions for methods of teaching writing skills will be provided. Add this document to saved. The thesis is englush, or trivial, or undeveloped.

english 1a03 essay

A neat, accurate and complete record of grades for each student will be of the greatest help when you come to assess an overall mark for the year. Saturdays and Sundays count as working days.

Possible activities for these senior tutors may include: Instructors englsih also request to visit a tutorial to observe a T.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

Faculty members and other T. For complaints, use another form. Chair twice per term. You must keep a record of attendance. Student evaluations at the end of Term 1 provide another form of feedback and should be used to help you improve your work with the students.

Cleveland State Community College. The student may express opinions, but does not support essy with evidence or argument. The essay is well written and has a clear thesis or shows a good grasp of concepts under study.


english 1a03 essay

A from the department office. In September, the Teaching Assistants Committee organizes a series of seminars designed to assist tutors in the following esasy Add this document to collection s. Designing Your First Course: And it is worth noting that undergraduates consider the work in which the T. The instructor may request to visit a tutorial to observe the T. Writing Workshops should be advertised well in advance.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

The assignment of teaching duties is handled by the Teaching Assistants Committee, the Chair of which acts as the immediate supervisor in matters concerning teaching engllsh assigned essxy courses in the English and Cultural Studies Department.

For all grading, including F grades, record a numerical mark as well as a letter grade consult conversion table provided on p. Students will be introduced to the elements of the various genres and to a variety of interpretive approaches.

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