Polewali Mandar 01 Kodya Samarinda. Sleman 02 Kodya Solok 45 Kab. Before you apply 2. First, I believe that as soon as I graduate from the Accounting Department, I am going to get accounting job earlier than most of the other graduates. Masukkan nomor formulir dan tanggal lahir Anda ddmmyy. Has the following activities at school: Code Major Lippo Village, ,

Ketapang 22 Kota Bima 36 Kab. Maluku Tenggara Sulawesi Utara 17 35 Kab. At first I never thought of choosing Hospitality as my major, but as I researched about what I am going to learn and what future prospect that I will have in studying Hospitality, I immediately knew that this is the right choice for me. Tanah Bumbu 31 Kab. After acceptance In this section you will know what to do after you are accepted in UPH. The Prospective Student should do the payment obligations in accordance with tuition fees listed in Offering Letter. Prospective Students can choose up to 3 majors exclude Medicine only 1 major Applicable to Faculty of Medicine applicants.

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Luwu Timur 40 Kab. I hope that I can get the scholarship so that I can finish my study in time. Karang Asem 36 Kab.

Admission Requirements

Tanah Bumbu 31 Kab. Barito Timur 35 Kab.

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Keterlambatan penerimaan Surat Pemberitahuan tidak dapat dijadikan alasan keterlambatan pembayaran. Never receive any guidance. Please refer to specific instrument requirements.


Way Kanan 33 Kab. Jika tidak dapat hadir, tolong kabari CP. Moreover, UPH fully holds onto the Christian faith, in which I believe by studying at UPH my spiritual growth in Christ will develop more and be sufficiently fulfilled in faith and character. Among 36 students of my classmates, 5 persons have sent their admission to study at accounting department in some universities.

The information provided to us is confidential and will not be used for any other purposes except providing support for the student.

Kepulauan Mentawai 33 Kab. Both hospitality and tourism industries are viewed as two individual sectors, but are always related to each other. Not too fast and less careful over the given correction not too fast and less careful over the given correction 3 Knowledge about Theory of Music: Agam 22 Kota Tasikmalaya 31 Esay.

Pelita Harapan University Undergraduate Prospectus

Many people look down on this major and many parents usually suggest their children to choose either Faculty of Economics or Masyk School, because they think these majors will make their children successful. Why do you choose the 1st concentration choice? Do you have, or have you ever had, any medical conditions or operations in the past 5 years? If it is not found in the table, please write UPH offers 3 types of scholarship: Hendrikus SMA St.


Bangkalan 05 Jakarta Utara 41 Kab. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Pengukuran seragam dan pengambilan foto Smartcard dapat dilakukan setelah melunasi biaya studi semester 1.

Murung Raya 33 Kab.

UPH Scholarship Essay

The accounting job is clearly defined; how to do accounting is clearly laid out; the accounting rules and regulation are written and followed ever since. Hulu Sungai Utara 01 Kodya Ambon. UPH are committed to serve you in the best possible ways, providing a holistic education and learning with an internationally qualified lecturers and professors, world- class facilities, technology, and infrastructure.

Akan tetapi jika anda menyerah sebelum berhasil, maka anda akan essxy sakit selamanya. Difficult to be solid.

Beasiswa S-1 Universitas Pelita Harapan Jakarta

UPH has lecturers and tutors that come from practitioner. Reporting esasy from UPH: Sidoarjo 22 Kota Cilegon 50 Kab. Masukkan nomor formulir dan tanggal lahir Anda ddmmyy.

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