There is a museum beside this grand structure, where you can take a walk down the history seeing various remnants and artefacts of the bygone times. Retrieved 7 November This page was last edited on 17 May , at Ask a question from people who travelled to Bidar Fort recently. Ala-ud-din Bahman of Bahmani Sultanate Material s:

I will be back again with another interesting place. Bandipur and Ooty Tour. I know onkar personally and I am one of big fan of his dedication towards exploring world in new dimension. A popular legend is that the tomb was struck by lightning to punish Humayun, who was a very unpopular king, called Zalim cruel by his subjects. Palasdeo Palasnath and Ram Temple. Don’t have much word t osay Omi, Keep it up..

The parapets are honeycombed with openings meant for firing. Earliest historical versions trace it to the year eessay it was still a small fort. Bidar Fort Ruins Inside. This museum having good collation of arms, swords, cannon and cannon balls, guns from the Bahamani sultanate and Barid Shahi.

This post is written by Saurabh Chatterjee. A Multitier waterfall amidst the ghats.

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essay on bidar fort

Photos by Madhumita Gopalan. Leave this field blank: Once you enter the city, you can hire taxis, auto rickshaws and horse carts from the wssay or airport or from any place to reach the fort.

essay on bidar fort

Another unusual tomb is the octogonal Chaukhandi, where a spiritual teacher named Hazrat Khalil Ullah is buried. Bidar city and fort are ezsay on the edge of the Bidar plateau, the northernmost in Karnataka state. Retrieved 17 April Bidar Fort Inside View.


This hall was designed for large number of audience, so the size of the hall is big but divided in the two parts by steps, the upper part is for King and his court members and lower part is fort other people, we can see the granite base of pillars might be of wood, but nothing much is left than that.

Built during the fprt era is the Gagan Mahal known for its security and beauty. Ask a question from people who travelled to Bidar Fort recently. There are 37 bastions on the fort wall, [8] with cannon made of bars of metal welded together and held together by metal hoops were mounted on the bastions.

Bidar Fort Historical Facts and Pictures

With the establishment of the Bahmani Kingdom in the Deccan fromthe architectural styles of the Bidr architecture of Iran made impressive and lasting impacts, which are seen in the Bidar Fort. Jamrud Kamlah Multan Harkishangarh Lahore. Replies to my comment. The death of Mahmud Gawan was a massive loss and Bahamani Sultanate became weaken.

essay on bidar fort

Post-independence, it falls in the state of Karnataka. The Bidar Fort gives a deep insight of the historical background of Bidar and the way of life that the people lived during the age.

Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple 2. These all monuments are from inside the fort, but there are few outside the fort and one of the important and well condition structure is Madarsa of Mahmud Gawan.


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The best place to start exploring its ruins is the Chaubara, an imposing 71 feet tall watch bicar, built in the 15th century to keep an eye on the cort town.

Almost everyone has heard of Golconda Hyderabad and Bijapur, but very few know that a small town called Bidar, at the north-eastern tip of Karnataka, is a treasure trove of magnificent old ruins that hint at a glorious past.

This exquisite palace is renowned for the profusion of beautiful wood carvings, fascinating glazed tile mosaics and mother-of-pearl decorations which bear the hallmarks of Persian architecture. Search Search this site: Metropolitan Museum of Art. Be the first to add a question. Nearby Places Mohamad Gawan Madrasa.

Bidar Fort- History of Ancient Monuments

Though the punishment is very late after bidwr many years of his death, the interesting thing to is, after collapse we can see inside the structure how this big dome was build with brick and without any support of pillars, before near about hundred years ago.

It is interesting to check historically when this temple was build. Toggle Sliding Bar Area.

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