Create new account Request new password. Your email address will not be published. There is another surprising place 15 km away from Bidar, temple of Mailar Mallanna which is a god Khandoba of Jejuri. Jaganmohan Palace And Art Gallery. Indeed it is one of the architectural wonders of the country.

Now a deserted place, it still boasts of its intimidating bastions, fortifications, moating and the colourful royal palaces and museums which the visitors can witness to have a taste of the past. The Bidar Fort is surrounded by a triple-moat wall made out of red rock. Madarsa of Mahmud Gawan. Art and Architecture of Bidar. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Jamrud Kamlah Multan Harkishangarh Lahore. A Russian traveler Afanasy Nikitin spent four years in Bahamani Sultanat and left important notes about this period.

Shopping in Bidar 4. Art and Architecture of Bidar. The Solah Khamba Mosque, built inis another prominent structure inside the fort.

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The palace was later decorated by Ali Barid with the mother of pearl engravings on black granite and wood. Bidar then never found his glory back and it came under the Asif Jahi Nizam of Hyderabad in It is interesting to check historically when this temple was build. Once you enter the city, you can hire taxis, auto rickshaws and horse carts from the station or airport fortt from any place to reach the fort.

Bidar: Witnessing medieval Indian history into the capital of Deccan

Almost everyone has heard of Golconda Hyderabad and Bijapur, but very few know that a small town called Bidar, at the north-eastern tip of Karnataka, is a treasure trove of magnificent old ruins that hint at a glorious past.


Takht Mahal is a throne palace built in and used for addressing the private audience and court members of Bahamani sultanate. With in one day tour we can see these many places in Bidar and get close to medieval Indian history of Deccan. It was constructed primarily as a safer enclosure for the royalty but also used essay summer escapades, as concluded by the presence of tanks, baths and underground rooms.

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Call Our Travel Experts. Inwhen the state of Hyderabad was partitioned, Bidar fort became part of the newly formed Mysore state now Karnataka. One of the rockets hit the gunpowder storage biidar big explosion happened, Siddi Marjan was badly wounded and after the 27 days of siege Bidar was fall and captured by Mughal.

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Bidar Fort

Written by Soudip May 19th Arts of India’s Deccan Courts, Parts of Kannada cinema Bara were shot at Bidar Fort, while most of the movie was shot at Bidar and surrounding places. Top Places to Visit In Bidar.

essay on bidar fort

Mahim Bhadra Surat Castle. Shaheed Minar Historical Facts and Pictures. Nearby Places Mohamad Gawan Madrasa. It is said to have been built during the reign of the Chalukyas, and passed on to the Kakatiyas.


The fogt had sequences in the fort with Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi.

Another unusual tomb is the octogonal Chaukhandi, where a spiritual teacher named Hazrat Khalil Ullah is buried. The Bidar Fort in Karnataka is surrounded by a wall which is three miles long. The layout of the old fort, with double lines of defensive walls are no longer visible.

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Sign in with Facebook. Sri Mailar Mallanna Temple Kahandoba.

essay on bidar fort

You might like to read the previous posts. Today we can see some of the monuments, which witness of this capital of Deccan in medieval Indian history and one of the major is Bidar fort. Facing the Turkash mahal to the right side you can see the Solah Khamba mosque as name shows this mosque is of sixteen pillars and one of the biggest in India also one of the oldest, this mosque was build in the 14th century at the time Tughlak and extended later, at that time this mosque is known as Zanana Masjid.

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