The government’s decision to proceed with the negotiation arose from fear that inclement weather would lead to deaths among those picketing the parliament. And this places tremendous responsibility on the government. The new Pakistani version of the dharna, better identified as container dharna, appeared in when Maulana Tahirul Qadri drove to Islamabad to challenge the government and failed. The civil and military leadership in the meeting decided to engage with influential protest leaders, saying that the use of force against protesters had been discouraged in favour of a political settlement. Need a clear pic actually the next hearing is adjourned till 29th Nov means till then the dharna will continue or they will finish the dharna and the selected representative will attend that hearing. Moreover, Pew notes that 36 per cent of residents are optimistic that the economy will improve over the next year, twice as many who felt that way compared to last year. The protesters are in Islamabad since 7- 8 November

May 21, Opposition protest THE opposition has gathered on one platform and the power maps are out one more time. It is easy to blame the establishment for every wrongdoing. Electoral reform Dissolution of parliament. Besides, the organisers had not sought any permission for the rally or the sit-in. How the Islamabad protests happened Dawn.

essay on dharna in islamabad

Demonstrators heard Qadri say: In the circumstances, saner heads must find a way to resolve this conflict peacefully. As such, he suggested that Qadri should now display wisdom and accept the people’s will. Looking at their demands its purely a selfish agenda that these molvi hooligans are following. PM okays appointment of 18 ambassadors. As this dangerous no volatile situation develops — behind the black screens of media blackout — a few issues need purposeful reflection.


Year of the dharna – Pakistan –

PM considering proposal to allow low-grade is,amabad for motorcycles. Also, prices of cotton have continued their nosedive, in tandem with international prices, along with textiles.

The protesters had occupied the Faizabad Interchange which connects Rawalpindi and Islamabad through the Islamabad Expressway and Murree Road, both of which are the busiest roads in the twin cities. Pak-China relationship has always been of great significance to Pakistan. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Here’s a timeline of how the chaos unfolded. The leader of the long march stayed in esxay bulletproof container.

essay on dharna in islamabad

The way the dharnas ended could not but cause some frustration at least among the active participants. Indian markets cheer Modi’s likely return to power.

Dharna and operation

Do some serious work for Pakistan!!! Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. He dharn that although Qadri exalted the Supreme Court’s arrest order for the prime minister, Qadri then “accepted the script signed by the same premier”. When will they let the government work on planning and executing public good project?

Even if the parties are ready for such a prolonged protest, there has to be a consensus on the goal. The head that wears the crown. Meanwhile, the interior minister expressed hope that the face-off between religious activists and security personnel at Faizabad Interchange would end within a islaabad. That is ridiculous and everyone knows it. Please let these poor people go home and do some useful work for their families and the society. The head of a committee tasked by the government to come up with an amicable solution to the lingering sit-in submitted his recommendations to the concerned authorities.


Eldordio Your interpretation of the situation is pathetic. Britain supports continuation of democracy in Pakistan and has pressed upon the fact that the ongoing political crisis should charna resolved democratically.

How Faizabad became Waterloo for security personnel on Saturday November Qadri then esssy the demonstrators, notably the female party workers, the country, and the government for a successful end to the protests and said that it was a model for the world to see. A momentous year where a third inn force showed its power. If such a well-funded and well-backed agitation did not achieve its declared objective then the message to future change-makers is not very encouraging.

While the dharnas have made avoidance of electoral reform impossible the prospects for a positive change in the political iislamabad have not brightened.

Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. PM considering proposal to allow low-grade petrol for motorcycles. SBP warns eseay higher inflation next fiscal year.

Islamabad police lodged two more cases against Khadim Hussain Rizvi.

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