The revenue refusal was stronger than in Kheda, and many sympathy satyagrahas were undertaken across Gujarat. Patel invoked the patriotism of India’s monarchs, asking them to join in the independence of their nation and act as responsible rulers who cared about the future of their people. Sardar Patel the architect of Modern India who united the nation: Nehru was cultured and refined. Within a year Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel redrew the Indian map with every princely State merging the union of India and thereby, making part of the political stream of life that was prosperous with harmony and cultural unity.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel took over as the Home Minister of nascent nation at a very important juncture in history and devoted himself wholeheartedly to make sure that the nation which was already partitioned remained united and intact. Statue is located facing the narmada dam, 3. Islamism and Democracy in India: Who is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel? He also opposed the proposals of the Cripps’ mission in On 15th August , Patel took up the challenge that faced our country that came into existence.

There is something magical and awe inspiring about lift offs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Vision of Sardar Patel for India

Sardar Patel – Policy for separation in Gujarati 22 May views. For independence, the struggle had lasted two centuries, various women and men laid down their lives to ensure that we could breathe and ijdia in an independent nation. Login or Register to add your comment. Current-day Indian politicians have been eager to associate themselves with independence leaders.


The bronze Statue of Unity pays tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a leader of the Indian independence movement who helped wrest the country from British control. Hyderabad Situation was similar to Junagarh in Hyderabad where a Muslim king Nizam wanted to extend his allegiance to Pakistan against the will of majority of Hindus of the region.

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Vallabhbhai Patel – Wikipedia

India vallanhbhai planning to open the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial in on a acre plot in the Arabian Sea, reaching meters into the sky, or feet. Vaklabhbhai Home Minister and Minister for States, the Sardar had a double task, conservative in the good sense of the word, in what had been Provinces in the old India, creative in the Indian States.

Updated Nov 6, Patel himself, though, harboured a plan to study to become a lawyer, work and save funds, travel to England, and become a barrister.

Luckily, unifed tool can help you outsmart the marketplace. But the real architect was Sardar Patel. We differed on many issues but I am convinced that if he had succeeded me as Congress President he would have seen that the Cabinet Mission Plan was successfully implemented. Exceptional – Can’t read it?

And so, although in August power changed hands, and with it the spirit of the administration, the machinery of Government was preserved. What sort of government do you have in Delhi now?

essay on sardar vallabhbhai patel the architect of united india

Ur 2nd term will change poor n middle class aspirations. The pact was immediately in jeopardy. Islamism and Democracy in India: He served as the first Deputy Prime Minister of India. He received an enthusiastic response from virtually every village. I am proud to be an Indian.


essay on sardar vallabhbhai patel the architect of united india

Despite having arguments with Gandhi, Patel respected his instincts and leadership. He also said that Sardar was a secular and liberal leader respected for his effective and different ideology.

The current landscape that the citizens of this country recognize sardaf India is a product of Sardar’s negotiating skills, and most importantly, his unmatched bravery. At the height of metres feetit is the world’s tallest statueexceeding the Spring Temple Buddha by 54 meters. If ptael do not adopt this course, then do not follow the present Constitution. The Man Who Saved India.

essay on sardar vallabhbhai patel the architect of united india

Patel was coarse to a degree. During this term of imprisonment, Patel and Gandhi grew close to each other, and the two developed a close bond of affection, trust, and frankness.

Patle of princely states of British India by region – Wikipedia You will find the list on the above link. The amazing qualities of leadership Sardar Patel.

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