Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. On the other hand, in the branches by holding the food items mostly in the dry deciduous forest with large trees and good canopy mouth and some time in the forelimb, where branch is contiguity around the central areas of the sanctuary , stronger and it is convenient for the squirrel to sit and its distribution is more widespread, but in areas of feed. Plant species in the diet of Petaurista philippensis and the parts consumed in Puduthottam, a rain-forest fragment in the Western Ghats December —April Some subspecies are omnivorous, also eating insects and bird eggs. In total, 83 nests were located along

Without more studies and improved understanding, effective conservation strategies for grizzled giant squirrel cannot be devised, and the species will continue facing threats. The Tamil Nadu Forest Department provided research permits and the Manager, Puthuthottam Estate, provided permission to work in this private forest. Figs and Malabar Giant Squirrels in two depleted by past exploitation of these forests. If our readers help fund it, our future will be more secure. Indian Giant Squirrel Ratufa indica , pp. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Other sources, such as herehave also noticed these inter-specific matings.

essay on the giant squirrel of the western ghats

This paper addresses the basic ecological and stream microhabitats as they are distinct from aspects such as population, factors influencing its surrounding areas in terms of tree species composition distribution, foraging, nesting and ranging behaviour and canopy contiguity, especially in the dry deciduous of the Indian Giant Squirrel in the tropical forests of and dry thorn forest.

Indian Journal of Forestry 16 3: The dark browntan and beige and largestRatufa indica bengalensis Blanford, Figure 2, top of the tropical semi-evergreen forests east of the Brahmagiri mountains in Kodagu extending up to the Bay of Bengal coast of Orissa.


A lesser-known grizzled giant squirrel species in Kerala is at the risk of dying out

The grizzled giant squirrel Ratufa macrouraa near threatened species, is found in parts of southern India and Sri Lanka.

Conversion of forested areas to plantations that destroy or alter the habitat is known to affect the population size and dispersal ability of flying squirrels in temperate forests and result in the invasion of competitors, predators, and pathogens Weigl et al.

Journal of Threatened Taxa10 10 Baskaran is presently a senior scientist at the Asian Nature Conservation 95 7: Daylight hours from months. Conservation Eszay and Management Plan C. At our site, the vegetation at the edge and interior differed in species composition, and the edge was dominated by plantation shade-cover trees.

Despite feeding on 25 cover and more tree species density and diversity is species, the bulk of the diet Plots were kf 10 m to the left and right of the trail alternatively at m intervals along the trail. Retrieved 7 January They spotted some giant squirrels that looked like inter-specific hybrids between the grizzled giant squirrel and the Indian giant squirrel.

As part of a larger study to examine effects of habitat fragmentation on flying squirrels, we conducted a preliminary examination of the diet of flying squirrels in a rain-forest fragment in the Anamalai Hills of the Western Ghats for a period of 3 months. Species that are persistent are often otherwise known to be adaptable, and are able to modify their behavior, ranging patterns, and dietary patterns to accommodate changes in forest structure and composition Johns Manual of the mammals of Sri Lanka 2 volumes; 2nd Ed.


The home annual range was estimated was made at 15min interval of 10min observations connecting the dquirrel locations following minimum and zquirrel break.

Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary

Records of Zoological Survey of India Squirrels prefer trees with in the riverine 1. Journal of Threatened Taxa 7 Hunting for giant squirrels was reported to be prevalent throughout its range, with intensity of hunting being more outside the Protected Areas than inside the Protected Area Borges et alKumara and SinghSrinivas et a l The terrain is was estimated based on gaint where ot counts undulating with an average elevation of — m.

essay on the giant squirrel of the western ghats

The remaining 14 species 4. Herbivory and defensive characteristics of tree species in a lowland tropical forest. The species is Society for his encouragement and support during the project.

Observational study of behaviour sampling method. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, which is part of the Population density: Average annual rainfall Teak was the most significant study the activity budget of the giant squirrel Fig. Ecological correlates of extinction proneness in Og tropical rain forest mammals.

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Ecological methodology for Windows. The fruits of F. A statistical analysis nests.

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