The play revolves around conflict which is basically between the leadership of kafira and the citizens. He says that their protest against foreign expatriates led to the death of a student leader and the imprisonment of a lecturer. Furthermore, Jere who decides to rebel against unreasonable laws is thrown in the dungeon for neglect of duty. He also employs many expatriates in public universities at the expense of the local citizens. Write an essay to illustrate this in close reference to Bertolt Bretch’ s the Caucasian Chalk Circle. When Mosese disobeys these orders and speaks his mind, opium is planted in his car and he ends in jail for a crime he has not committed.

In the play Betrayal in the city, we come across such leaders. When Mosese disobeys these orders and speaks his mind, opium is planted in his car and he ends in jail for a crime he has not committed. Beggars feel that the protestors are wasting time. His wife is called Mercedes. He boasts that their demonstration against expatriate personnel resulted to nothing but the death of a student and the imprisonment of a senior lecturer. He was said to be dangerous to peace loving people. I will stay here and remain loyal to my principles.

Mulili comes up with fictitious reasons for getting rid of Kabito. He has promised him a big farm and grade cattle. He also helps brings out the character of Tumbo as sycophantic. He is unapologetic to Tumbo for wearing it. This song and the subsequent prayer indicate that the couple can only turn to God for solace after all else has failed.


Despotic regimes are dictatorial and tyrannical. He tells Jere that he must maintain law and order since boss has promised him a great farm and grade cattle. Many events and actions in Betrayal in the City are triggered by the need for revenge.

As a form of gratitude he offers him a pocket bible. Their only remaining son, Jusper, is imprisoned.


Boss is angered by this act of betrayal so he asks Jere to kill him. However, writers must continue to enlighten the people by exposing and attacking the political vices. This is a verse in the Bible.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

Tumbo says that until people like Mulili are out, it is dangerous to do things differently from what is expected in Kafira. Jusper is considered a threat to the oppressive political regime.

Jere is imprisoned for falling out with Mulili. Flashback … Click here to write your own. Tumbo Tumbo is a government official and a confidant of Boss, the Head of imguga. Mulili is an embodiment of evil attributes.

This aggravates conflict within his authoritarian government. He sides with Doga and Nina and asserts that the old couple should be allowed to go on with the ceremony.

Suspicious Doga believes that the individual responsible for the death of …. Hypocrisy is also seen through Mulili who all along has been pretending to be the most loyal person to Boss so as to gain property and personal glory.


He is also a playwright who depicts the wssay so clearly that publishers dread publishing his work. Doga and Nina lament as they mourn their dead son, Adika. They cannot understand why the likes of Jusper, Adika, and Moses talk too much and put themselves in unnecessary trouble.

Your truth is too much in the nude. As seen from the illustration above, it is evident that those in power are engaged in bad governance.

Betrayal in the City Essay

He does not wish to disappoint. The portrayal of Kabito is that of a materialistic, greedy ln self-centered individual. Questiosn pretends to be sorry for Regina while all along he had known what Boss was up to. This statement is given credence by the fact that Jere and Mosese are in prison, not because of committing an offence but standing for the truth. Pleading to Boss for mercy would mean that he is guilty yet he is not.

He is a renowned Kenyan playwright, actor and producer.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

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