Does not speak nor write English very well? Situation explains the context of the leadership story and specific obstacles that the applicant faced. I feel so blessed since this year I had the opportunity be a part of this community. Jakarta, Jan 19, We were not job seeker, but they offer some positions to us based on our background and interest. I want to work in a multinational corporations.

See more of Young Leaders for Indonesia on Facebook. But that is only a mere thought in my mind …. If anyone wants the detail, click on the link YLI Poster After questioned by some of friends who had previously failed in applying for YLI, I understood that failure happened because applicants did not prepare their best or did not know how to make their applications enticing. From a banker to be a diver:

I have just graduated, can I apply? What are the commitments I need to make once I am invited to join the program? Go to the link below to watch: Shockingly, there were two prizes for the best PLP. For further information, you can send me text message, email, etc or cal me on my phone no.

There is no preferential treatment for YLI participants who are interested to apply for consulting role in McKinsey. Instead ypi using the professional attachment, creating a friendly atmosphere in our working time is more important.


So … from this poster, my adventure begun ….

UGM Students Join Young Leaders for Indonesia Wave 9

As a YLI participant, you will have the opportunity to learn McKinsey frameworks including problem solving, presenting with impact, personal presence, etc. Here is those documents. In the next couple of weeks, I will get the information about YLI posters.

I want to become an entrepreneur. Then, we were asked to make a kind of Leadership Essay, in which I dis not have any idea what it was mckunsey about at the very first time. By joining many club activities as a requirement to get a room in the dormitory, the students are asked to balance their academic and non-academic life.

essay yli mckinsey

The point is that the rest of the students also work harder than what I have ever found in my previous university. If you consider highly quality of MBA scho We are friendly, but still strict on the regulations, job desks, and deadlines. I submitted all the requirements: And this was not the only pre-work.

Hmmmh … since this document can not be read, it could be downloaded using this link CV McK. Pendaftaran dapat dilakukan melalui link http: Be sure to check our social media accounts for more information! After the session ended, there were about 16 booths of companies esssy to accommodate the needs of participants in understanding their mckinaey environment better.


However, mcjinsey said that this success could be reached with effort, planning, and commitment.

FAQ – YLI — Young Leaders for Indonesia

Youtube Live Link will be shared to your email 30 minutes prior to the session. Can I apply if: McKinsey Indonesia in who aspire to contribute in the talent and leadership development in Indonesia. Focus and understanding to be effective leaders who focus on solving problems, delivering impact and driving change in Indonesia 5.

From a banker to be a diver: The good facilities and system also play a significant role in learning procedures.

essay yli mckinsey

I want to work in a multinational corporations. The period between Forum 2 and Forum 3 was the hectic time for me, yet interesting. April 24 at 8: So … check it out!!!

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I think I will share them in mckinnsey stories.

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