Sour helps to make it more appetising , thus making it more savoury. Include sugar in your recipe? You also need to identify the possible experiments you could conduct and the possible records you could make for each experiment. Buffet also got drinks. List as many of the things that you will need to do in order to complete the coursework.

Buffet also got drinks. That is, now that you have come up with a list of related questions, you need to: THen add in corn starch to make the texture stickier. Varied and interesting results – What are the outcomes when u used the above result? It outlines what you have to do in each section in order to fully complete your coursework. Must check with your teacher. Explanations and priorities show that you are clear of the task requirement 5.

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All the key and related factors are identified and explained 2. Means during the exam u must cook alot? I am a sec 4 this year doing coursework and i don get what is priorities list. How to make it savoury?

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Link definitions of keyword back to the task 3. Double boiling, boiling, stirfry, microwave, baking, stew, dip in egg then fry, steam already then fry, etc etc.


Pine apple fried rice uses the cooking method of stirfry Sometimes i also see dish like steamed sweet and sour fish.

Must always justify that your recipe is meeting the requirements of the question. List your existing knowledge or any thoughts on the question. SEAB’s website says august, i remember in i was rushing at this point in time already. At the same time, all these dish must be nutritious, sweet, savoury, etc to serve at buffet for teenagers.

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This dish can add in many ingredients like singpaore chicken meat, crab meat, etc. I will justify each key factor that I have thought about, therefore ensuring that the key factor is indeed relevant to the task.

f&n coursework singapore

Maybe you can take some buffet menu and include in your research, from there choose what u want to cook. Which part of this do you need help in? You can also add in garnish like diced chilli.

I must remember to be as detailed as possible. And this dish makes use of the method boiling. Making it interesting and lots of variety: Explanations and priorities show that you are clear of the task requirement 5.

Look colourful, smell nice?

[URGENT] Food & Nutrition O level coursework

But not too much cos bad for health use the health promotion board coursewor Savoury: They say prepare meals using varied cooking methods, means u cannot just use 1 cooking method. You will never regret getting a good O level result, it is a stepping stone to alot of place. Maybe you can cook a stew or soup. Dessert is mostly sweetcolourful.


Cos adding pineapple will make it more colourfulsweetpineapple is also nutritious your research can add in what nutrients pineapple have. Steam is another cooking methods.

Or only one serving? For each related question that you come up with, you should elaborate by briefly: The easiest way to do will be cooking a few dish, each with different cooking method, or one of the dish can be prepared by a combination of cooking methods.

Meaning only one coursework? You will never regret getting a good O level result, it is a stepping stone to alot of place 6 English portrayed in my coursework may contain lots of grammatical errors and unconventional sentence structures.

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