If late applicants find they are not allowed to take the Medway Test, then apply for a Kent grammar school place, and depending on your mark, you may be offered a place at Chatham Girls or apply for an appeal. Skinners Kent Academy is the only secular school in the town, a situation unique in Kent and even after its increase in numbers it will have turned first choices away. KCC is investigating possible sites for a new secondary school in the next few years. The children concerned are not truants who have skipped school without permission and are missing education completely. One could almost feel that, like Maidstone Grammar it is trying to undermine its competitor.

This gives a total of places for girls and just for boys! KCC has confirmed it made an error in sending through some wrong data about the Kent Test results to Medway. Now with news of record outcome for Medway Reception Year Allocations 5 p. Close This site uses cookies. Contrast this with the nurturing approach developing skills in new teachers, which brings the best outcomes in good schools and keeps losses to the profession to a minimum.

So, in Kent where the numbers per year group in compulsory primary and secondary education are broadly similar, the secondary children going to EHE in being spread across schools, whereas the from primary schools come from schools.

The previous version was: The total number of vacancies at this stage is places unfilled, in I am sorry that my full analysis of Kent Test results has been delayed this year, but I hope to publish it soon.

Folkestone academy homework petition

If there is no pressure on places, the main way of supporting disadvantaged pupils will be to offer a lower pass mark in the Medway Test, a highly controversial move allowing in pupils not of a grammar school standard. This is also a common misconception amongst many primary school heads across the county, not just in Medway.

folkestone academy homework petition

The numbers in the table below are not always consistent as data provided by Medway Council is not always easy to understand. The school is also unable to hold its natural recruiting area amongst Catholics and Catholic Primary schools the latter according to families I have advisedwith the two closest Kent Catholic schools offering places to 27 children from Medway.


Immediately below is full list of those schools oversubscribed with more than ten first choices grammar qualified than places. Whilst Kent County Council has worked hard with schools to reduce permanent exclusion, with just 49 in the largest Authority in the country in it may be that a high EHE number is a consequence.

Otherwise it would have had 34 empty spaces.

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Wednesday, May 22 Our sixth formers tell us their lessons are better now they are back on the main site. North West Kent – go to Page 3. It turned away 72 first choices this year.

The original plan for it to be provision for high functioning ASD to support the two other such schools in the far east and west of the county at Laleham Gap Acwdemy, Margate, and Broomhill Bank North Gomework, Hextable, appears to have vanished. West Point celebrates its most diverse class ever with 34 black female graduates and 19 Hispanic female For it had just eight places vacant for its places with first choices, both a great improvement on previous years and confirming its troubles are over.

I consider all these homeork together, as there is considerable movement between the geographical areas.

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One remains stark in my memory, where an ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder statemented boy had been unable to handle a new vividly bright colour scheme in his Unit and had lashed out at a teacher.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? When is she supposed homewor, do her hobbies or have a life? Two presidents of Eastern Virginia medical school knew about the Ralph Northam homewlrk yearbook photo My daughter has very little free time as it is. The statistics in this article are similar to those academjThe 42 families up from 32 in whose children have been placed there mainly because of the shortage of secular places in Tunbridge Wells, and now face a round journey of some 30 miles daily, cannot be happy.


folkestone academy homework petition

Atlanta police officer is fired after video shows him Tasing and beating a woman over a speeding ticket in This will not damage your chances at any school for which you are on the waiting list. There is nothing you can do for the good immediately, as you have to work through the laid down processes, and you can undermine your prospects by taking a wrong action.

Folkestone academy homework petition

Will this happen for entry, with a record 63 first choices turned away, although some will be creamed off by Chatham Girls Grammar appeals?

It is likely that some families from the Marsh, drawn to Brockhill in the past, can no longer access it, because of the flow from Folkestone. The outcomes are as follows: I look at individual Districts further down the article, with direct links at: The big loser is Archbishop’s which appears to have lost its way with the highest number of LAAs at 38, and disappointing GCSE performance over the past three years.

The current article repeats the false claim that when she arrived: But now, the school in Folkestone, Kent – which is rated as requiring improvement by Ofsted – is blaming ‘new teaching specifications’ for the need to set formal homework, a policy set to come into force at the start of term next month. The main themes of allocations to non-selective secondary schools in Kent are the increased pressure on places following a 4.

Three schools have filled, including struggling Aylesford with 25 LAAs.

folkestone academy homework petition

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