And now a clear view of partons in Higgs production. If G changes by large and discrete amounts for each cosmological scale [atomic, stellar, galactic], as predicted by Discrete Scale Relativity, then you get a whole new paradigm for understanding the structure and dynamics of nature. Okay Phil, I read your paper and found it serendipitous. January 5, at With the nowadays mathematics, the theoretical physics can describe ilimited everything ilimited more complicated, but the realistic, essential content is just what I said. Interesting marni… odd thing is that last night I tried to draw and see how it applied to a wider knot theory- perhaps beyond QFT or a start. How Gelfand tamed Hilbert space:

January 25, at 7: Then compare arxiv-only authors to vixra-only authors in the FQXi contest. It means you are trying to present the data in a way to optimally make a point, rather than just letting the data speak for itself. They added gluing rules which establish a causal direction. Energy may exist as the plus between the 2 and the 3, and while in this analogy it may provide a general causal impetus, it in itself, being essesential, cannot force the 2 to interact with the 3 via the nature of its plusness and cause the 5 to have an objective existence, not just a potential one.

While the commodity markets are dug in on bit. In fact the distribution is essentially flat within the statistical error bars contset shown and there are plenty of viXra authors who did well.

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Experiments to determine the mass related Lightspeed extinction volume around the Earth and around spinning objects in the Lab. I have never taken you seriously because—as I have repeatedly pointed out to you—you are clueless about foundations of quantum mechanics.

It can therefore be used to collectively analyse the range of ability of the authors using either arXiv or viXra. Yet there is no good reason to think this pertains to a pure quantum state.


In my view the concept of temporal causality every effect has a cause preceding in time is not fundamental at all. I have a real problem with this heavy category theory: December 12, at 4: It was named after the English polymath Oliver Heaviside. Nevertheless, the overall ranking is statistically a good measure of the papers quality in the terms demanded by the contest rules, with mostly good papers ending up at the top and bad ones at the bottom.

These points were covered in my essay http: This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 5th, at 3: Spekkans goes on to link this to causality and the use of POSETs Partially ordered sets in models of fundamental physics.

Some of it reminds me of my recent singularity notations. I’m configuring the ‘datacentre’ garden shed. Contesr uses as an example the number 3 but then he extends this idea to the elementary particles and, hence, matter. Bob, I have told you why I wont do that plot.

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December 10, at 7: The result of such purely essesential interactions could only be a potential growth of the total amount of information and not a causal transformation of it. Inheritance between objects aint no simple tree-structure: Some are even less charitable and believe that it only promotes bad research and is harmful to science.

But the right questions are more valueable than answers? I can see how that would be useful. The results show an impressive and diverse range of ideas about common assumptions that need to be questioned to progress with foundational physics. The only advice I can give is to read the rules and guidelines. Its meant to be about the foundations of physics.


Your work is much appreciated.

Robert Spekkens wins first prize in FQXi essay contest

Nobody should be surprised that there contset a lot of bad quality research on viXra because it does not have any filtering and makes no claim to endorse its individual contents personally I am of the opinion that even bad research can have value as a creative work and may even contain hidden gems of knowledgebut does it nevertheless have work of high value that would otherwise be lost?

I remember now feeling pretty terrified when the LHC was ramping up with the perception that the extreme electrostatic tension involved was causing various flaky wiring to fail.

Does this render Mr. The real fun and new questions are at the extremes where such formulas break down.

Fqxi essay contest 2012

I personally like this contest as something interdishiplinary, where also conetst can have their say. Same old names everywhere all the time both sharing and receiving the prizes: With the nowadays mathematics, the theoretical physics can describe ilimited everything ilimited more complicated, but the realistic, essential content is just what I said.

Still wide open at this stage.

fqxi essay contest 2012

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