Alan, Fred and Greg. Algebra — H — Equation of a Circle v2. Two triangles — Part 3. The answer requires the full height which has been underlined, so kudos for that but then the 1. Its a perfect resource for a parent like me who is not so great in math but was looking for something to help her son…Thank you once again. Anonymous June 6, at M April 23, at

An online exercise which looks at the plotting of scatter diagrams and the identification of types of correlation. When are you going to do for foundation tier? Points A and B. Thanks for all your hard work. A shape made of cubes. A nice activity in which the basic ‘tools’ of mathematical proof are introduced and some standard types of mathematics proof at GCSE level are considered. Saved me loads of time.

This site can only continue to grow through you and your contributions. Sam Hoyle December 10, at 4: And the perimeter is….

Polugon surdy rectangle alternate version. Whilst we are used to always simplifying surds where possible, in this case are they wanting the single surd, which would be root 48?

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A quadratic expression 3. Ratio — H — Best Value v2. Sandie February 13, at A set of three powerpoints and associated worksheets practising finding the area of triangles, parallelograms and trapezia in the context of flags of the world. Jones, Alex May 7, at 3: Thank you so much homrwork putting these together! WS-Using graphs to solve eqns.


frequency polygon homework tes

Sectors of a circle 3. WS-Setting up Expressions easier version 2. A video which clearly explains how to deduce the formula homewrk the area of circle by splitting into sectors. An activity in which students must find an algebraic expression to represent the area of composite shapes made up of rectangles and circles.

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Straightforward game in which students answer questions relating to the nets of solid shapes. Page – illustrate how to draw tangents to curves representing real life situations to identify the rate of change at a given point in time. A comprehensive set of differentiated resources on lower and upper bounds, including worksheets, model answers and powerpoints.

Four level of difficulty. Ella November 5, at 4: Sectors of a circle 1. Jackson September 25, at 9: A fantastic, fun game based on the app ‘Angry Birds’ in which the trajectory of an object is chosen to produce a given surd value.

frequency polygon homework tes

Anonymous November 12, at 7: Azala December 31, at 7: A comprehensive introduction to sine and cosine rules, including a flow chart overview showing how to select fresuency correct trigonometrical method for finding missing sides and angles in triangles. Quadratic equations are only suitable for Higher tier students. An online exercise which looks at the plotting of scatter diagrams and the identification of types of correlation.


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Page illustrate how to find the area under a curve to interpret information about a range of real life situations. Anonymous April 17, at 8: Sally Pepperpot April 18, at Hi can you please homwwork up the solutions for the volume of prism etc topic test please. Circle and a tangent. Note that grades do not relate to the new specification.

frequency polygon homework tes

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