If you regularly use the language or speak with native speakers, share that with us as well. Upload these as pdfs, and follow Fulbright’s instructions on requirements and how to upload. The Fulbright personal statement is an opportunity for you to share with the committee information about yourself that is not available in other parts of the application. What techniques or approaches did you use? Have you had to overcome any unusual obstacles or hardships for example, economic, familial, or physical in your life? Share on Facebook Share.

If you are proposing a research project, demonstrate that the resources for your research will be available, and that you have thought through how you might go about conducting it. Your personal statement should not be a narrative version of your resume, listing events, activities, and accomplishments one after the other. This essay is not a resume — that exists elsewhere on the application — so you should not simply list what you have done. Amherst applicant initial deadline: Many students give an overview of significant experiences and reflections, while others tell one particular story as an example of a larger point about who they are.

Go back to the country description on the Fulbright page and read it over again. She currently works as the National Fellowships Coordinator at Notre Dame, advising students applying persobal the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship and other national fellowships.

ETA Application

As you are finishing up your personal statement, be sure you have answered the big question: The Foreign Language Self-Evaluation Coming as it does at the end of the application, this form can be easy to breeze through. Host country engagement This is an opportunity to statrment on your proposed host country engagement, whether or not your country requires a side project.


fulbright eta personal statement tips

Read the country description page on the Fulbright website carefully on this. Consider the following questions:. Find and win paid, competitive fellowships Be alerted about new fellowship calls for applications, get insider application tips, and learn about fully funded PhD and graduate programs.

Fulbright | ETA Application | Amherst College

What did you enjoy about them? Tell us what kinds of things you did in class: Be sure you understand where your specific program stands on this. If you fulbrught self-studying, list specific names of resources you are using.

Why do you want to do a Fulbright ETA? These can be personal, academic, or extracurricular, including any significant insights or experiences that relate to your interest in international exchange, the host country in which you hope to do your work, or the specific project or area of study you plan to pursue.

This is personl chance to explore aspects of your application from a slightly different or more concise angle.

Tips for Polishing Your Fulbright ETA Application

Coming as it does at the end of the application, this form can be easy to breeze through. We will respond via email to either encourage you to proceed to the next step drafting your SOGP or suggest a conversation.

All components are due by the deadline above. Have you had to overcome any unusual obstacles or hardships for example, economic, familial, or physical in your life?

Tips for Polishing Your Fulbright ETA Application | ProFellow

Some applicants choose to write an intellectual autobiography highlighting the key moments in their academic development. The rule of thumb here is to use concrete examples to illustrate your points.

A free writing process will help you sort through your experiences and narrow your focus to two or three central issues or experiences you can use to frame and anchor your essay.

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Doing this in one page is no small feat. What led you to past teaching experiences?

fulbright eta personal statement tips

There are also three short, but important paragraphs you must compose – an abstract of your proposal brief description of how you are equipped for this ETA role ; a description of how you plan to engage with the host community beyond your teaching work; and an explanation of your future plans Documents you upload: Ideally, your personal statement will complement your written proposal in some way.

As the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant deadline approaches on October 11, it can be overwhelming to draw the final versions of your essays and peraonal together.

fulbright eta personal statement tips

Rather, it should provide the committee with a snapshot of yourself that connects to why you want to pursue this particular Fulbright in the country you have chosen. In the online application, you will have opportunity to enter the names and contact information for recommenders and language evaluators. Language evaluations from instructors are required for some countries. What qualifications do you have for this assignment? Instead, interpret what you have done.

Focus on achieving fluency in conversation? You will not be able to simply upload a resume. It should not be a recording of facts already listed on the application or an elaboration of your statement of proposed study. Continue revising both drafts and sending them for feedback until you and we agree that the content represents you well.

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