This is due to the fact that the researcher was unable to monitor the participants which are completing the survey and this will raise out to the problem such as whether the participant that have been selected for the survey is the actual participant which doing the survey or not. Lee, Jian Effect of fluid’s reynolds number and spacer filaments flow attack angle in spacer-filled channel. Peoples and Cultures of Asia. Discomfort or Negative attitudes 21 — 37 , Slightly Discomfort or Negative attitudes 38 — 54 , Neutral attitudes 55 — 71 , Slightly Comfortable or Positive attitudes 72 — 88 , and Comfortable or Positive attitudes 89 — Buddhism and Gay Culture.

Ng, Wen Yih Phytochemical study on the leaves of Muntingia Calabura and its antibacterial activity. Ti, Wee Ming Antioxidant profile and antioxidant activity of Artemisia argyi. Loh, Jiun Yan Fatty acid enrichment and potential food source for Moina macrocopa cultivation. For the case of homosexuality, people tend to believe that if an individual is a homosexual because he or she is born to be in such sexual orientation, then people will view them in different ways as compared to those whom chose to become homosexual. Network Vulnerability through Wi-Fi Spoofing.

Yap, Eng Hoe Causes of abandoned construction projects in Malaysia. Tan, Jon Wen Development of an industrial pick and place machine for gauge repeatability and reproducibility GGR measure of vision modules. Lim, Wun Pei Beyond liking and sharing: Attitudes toward homosexuality 51 Conclusion: Manikam, Nithiyaa Biogas production from municipal waste. Tan, Ann-Yew Factors of personal bankruptcy: Without urar, it will be impossible for me to conduct the research for my FYP.


Chia, Pooi Yee Antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds From the marine algae padina antillarum. Lee, Teong Hoe E-Education portal for students and tutors. It covers 6 modules 4 hours: Moderating effect of gender.

Application for ethical approval can be submitted at any time of the month. Von, Sze Tin Anticancer property and mode of action of metal ii complexes of intercalating ligand and amino acid.

Until the world of today, homosexuality still becomes one of the most debated issues for the psychologist and other researchers around the world. Ushasri, Krishnan Curvature Microstrip Sensor.

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From the perspective of economic growth. Lim, Sin Hong Mobile food planning and conservation system food tagging and inventory control. Fortunately, all the participants inside the survey were given a full cooperation in dealing with the question regarding on their sexual orientation preferences.

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Sung, Suet Yen Antimicrobial properties and characterization of plastic packaging film incorporated with garlic oil. I would not mind having a homosexual friend. Tan, Siew Hui Morphological characterization and sequence analysis of 5.

fyp thesis utar

Lim, Jun Yuen Metasearch engine on properties. Even now there are still numerous people who think that homosexuality is a kind of psychopathology. However, there have been numerous instances where Buddhists have demonstrated intolerance toward people who have a same-sex orientation Anonymous, n.

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In Malaysia, an individual in the Malays community is enforced to holds the Islamic religion when he or she once was born in the Malays family. In addition, self-construal may also play a significant role in the gender differences for attitudes toward homosexuality. Hence, with the trends for openness of the Malaysia educational system, it is believable that homosexual people will be giving treatments with respect and tolerance to fy as most of the students were showing the neutral attitudes toward the homosexuality in which they will not showing stereotype, misconceptions and anxieties i.


Shereen Sharmini, Thavanesan Some properties of subsets of finite groups. Leo, Yean Ling A study on rna pseudoknot predictions. Therefore, interdependent type of person may view people with more respect and tolerance as they prefer to work with other people in a harmony environment.

A homosexual individual will be viewed or treated negatively by other people due to their sexual orientation preference either inside university or college. Case Study in Kampar, Malaysia. Ng, Vincent Chet Shen An intelligent distributed controller for a wheelchair that is operated by a brain-computer interface.

An empirical study among baby boomers in Malaysia urban areas. Lew, Wen Xiong Smart information system personal expenses advisory system.

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