I just hope my students here are using it as well!! Attractions in the National Parks include the range of wildlife examples include the big five — elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo , bush safaris with English speaking guides, trekking , a chance to sample local culture e. Mombassa Why have numbers of tourists visiting Kenya increased? The Galapagos Islands Background Information: Environmental benefits of eco-tourism It encourages people to conserve the environment, rather than using it for activities that could be damaging.

A resource looking at tourism in a glaciated environment. Urban geography GCSE teaching pack Ecotourism Kenya runs a standards scheme where 86 facilities have received 23 Gold, 43 Silver and 20 Bronze standard eco-rating certificates. There is a need for tourism to be controlled as growing visitor numbers have led to landscapes being destroyed. Mombassa Why have numbers of tourists visiting Kenya increased? Beach holidays Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world can be found along Kenya’s coastline between Mombassa and Malindi. Deserts and semi arid environments

I am hoping to update the blog over the next couple of months with some more case studies ready for the summer exams.

Tourism Menu What is tourism? Tropical storms GCSE teaching pack Simone RodaFlickr.

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The full Geography Department website is www. Farming – An Introduction: Local people not directly evolved with tourism also make money by selling traditional arts and crafts to visitors. Your blogs have really helped me through the course and I ecorourism want to thank you so much, and please continue making them!


A resource looking at tourism in a glaciated environment. However, perhaps the largest impact that ecotourism can make is in how it can help to impact the environment. Beography and health 3.

gcse geography ecotourism case study kenya

These are the coastline of the Indian Ocean and wildlife parks. The Galapagos Islands Background Information: Don’t show this message again. File name or number. This resource identifies the impacts of tourism on Tanzania.

Safari route in Tsavo National Park Source: World of water 5.

Geography – Tourism – Ecotourism – Basecamp Maasai Mara CASE STUDY | Note

Nice to see your site. An example, of this stuvy the Maasai people helping the Kenyan Government to look after the safari parks. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

The accommodation at Kigio is in “cottages” built of mud, timber and thatch, using local and reclaimed materials and methods. Ecotourism in the Maasai Mara, Kenya. The furniture is built from re-claimed timber from the ground and there is no electricity, oil lamps are instead used. Structure of the Earth It uses Renewable energy, like Solar panels which is better for the environment gwography burning Fossil Fuels.


Height on maps 2. It helps protect endangered species so tourists can see kenua, but no one can hunt or kill them. Ecotourism can play a large part in helping to ensure that there are many social and economic positives coming from ecotourism.

Eco-tourism Kenya

The above lists the number of visits from countries around the world since Sunday 6th May Damage to the environment The introduction of ecotourism is an attempt to gcsse these problems.

Green tourism is tourism which is environmentally friendly. Practice Paper – Unit 3 – People and their Needs Conflict with local people 3.

gcse geography ecotourism case study kenya

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