Research leading to a higher degree may be undertaken on an individual basis or as part of a team working on a specific project. Entomological surveillance and molecular detection of dengue viruses in vector mosquitoes as an early warning tool for the control of dengue in Pakistan PI: Aziza Saeed said that she had never allowed her physical inability to challenge her mental capabilities, adding that studying Urdu Literature was the most challenging task for the blind students as books in this discipline were literally not available in digital format for audio listening. Professor Khaleeq said that GCU would provide open access to all the students and researchers to its analytical and diagnostic facilities. Production of bioenergy from plant biomass PI:

This year, girls have once again outshined boys in academics and secured 24 of 37 academic medals and rolls of honours. Annual Tests and Examinations S chedule. The main purpose of the ORIC is to develop, expand, enhance and manage the University’s research programmes and to link research activities directly to the educational, social and economic priorities of the University and its broader community. Prof Shah said that it had become increasingly difficult for the common man to afford quality education. Conservation Status of Flora of Punjab:

For the first time in its history, GCU now has all the four offices of Deans of Faculties occupied by competent professors, he said.

Don’t have an account? The FCC University reactor congratulated the graduates, saying that they were the alumni of longest academic tradition of Pakistan.

Biodiesel Production from Microalgae PI: Come to our Open Days Donec accumsan nunc sed ipsum dapibus consectetur. Malick awarded medals and rolls of honours to these talented students at second and third sessions of the two-day convocation of the university.

gcu lahore thesis format

Hassan Amir Shah, Sitara-i-Imtiaz. He added that GCU cgu experienced and qualified faculty by convening a record number of 17 selection boards in which 11 Professors, 5 Distinguished Professors, 3 Professors on various Chairs, 27 Associate Professors, 34 Assistant Professors and 2 Foreign Faculty Professors had been appointed. Bacteriostatic Applications of iron oxide doped tin oxide theais with metals Zn, CU and Ag nanoparticles synthesized via hydrothermal method PI: Faculty Wise Research Publications.


gcu lahore thesis format

Riaz Ahmad 1st Annual formaat due. Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that such events should be regularly held in all science departments as they did not only provide students a platform to exhibit their research work but also help in improving their presentation skills and create a healthy environment of competition.

Process development for celluloses production for industrial use sponsored by HEC in collaboration with National Feed Industry, Sheikhupura. Performa of Appointment of M. Prof Malick believed that knowledge of humankind has moved out of textbooks and libraries; it now resides in cyber space i.

Prof Shah said that it had become increasingly difficult for the common man to afford quality education. She credited her parents and teachers for the PhD degree. He announced that the GCU Chemistry Department under the special instructions the Vice Chancellor is hosting three-day international workshop on crystallography and nano-materials in October this year.

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Inter Universities Poster Competition – Activities – IYC

It is based on electro-oxidation-coagulation process. Thesis formats in pakistan — essaybsl. Visually-impaired student awarded PhD degree.

We also had a number of foreign visiting professors last year, who taught short courses in different disciplines during the academic session. He thezis that tcu Punjab Educational Endowment Fund Trust would swell to Rs 20 billion this year and would be awarding scholarships to the two hundred thousand bright students of the country. Addressing the young graduates, Prof Naveed A.

Information about About GCU.

Gcu lahore thesis format

Preaching Russo-Armenian theses, teaching Eurasian geopolitics and fighting Western Globalism for ten years. He also revealed that GCU had recruited eight professors, five distinguished professors, three professors on various chairs, 19 associate professors, 34 assistant professors and two Foreign Faculty Professors to strengthen its faculty in the last couple of years.


The HEC has taken this step to enhance the capacity of the academic institutions to manage all research issues. Naqeeb Ahmed Khan, a driver in government department, broke into tears while receiving the co-curricular medal and degree of his son who has recently got lahors in Pakistan Army. Synthesis of Bioactive Benzofurans, Dihydroisocoumarins and Pyrimidines.

Gcu lahore thesis format. school essay

He said that the Punjab government would also provide financial support to GCU for development of its Kala Shah Campus, and he would personally look into lahire matter that why PC-I of the project was not yet approved. The chief minister also appreciated the hard work and vision of the Vice Chancellor, especially his much needed activism in appointment of senior faculty, filling the vacant positions of professors and deans, and activating the research chairs and Abdus Salam School of Mathematical School in a very short period one and half years.

According the convocation report, as many as students would receive medals, rolls of honour and degrees in the three session of the convocation.

gcu lahore thesis format

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Soomro briefed the university faculty members about the overall goal of the ECO, saying that youth are the future of the world; thus mobilizing and promoting youth engagement in science, technology and education for economic development and peace within the ECO region and beyond, is and remains the priority of ECOSF. Prof Shah called upon his students to also spend time in library with books, and stay away from the extremist ideas. Submitted to HEC for approval.

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