I only wish that we had done this years ago. We have been really happy with the boat and the service we received not only when we bought but when we needed annual service. Our first trip out 12 people was on Mother’s Day. Links Go to Corporate Management Consultants website. Others on the lake just look in awe of the power and responsiveness and how it actually just looks sitting in the water. This was boat love at first sight. The Hurricane SD performs amazingly well for a boat its size.

As a small and start-up Jet Ski Rental Company, your best shot at thriving in the business is building a relationship with your local customers and also partnering with medium or larger scale Jet Ski rental companies. It always meets my needs. To mail check see address below. You can indeed make cool cash from this line of business with little effort if you choose a suitable location, and with sound management practice. She’s all snug at our place now!! We love the time we spend on our Hurricane and the service we received from Kent’s Harbor marina.

Starting a Jet Ski Rental Business – A Complete Guide

Excellent fit and finish. I purchased a Hurricane CC19 almost a year ago.

We love our new boat! When you start from the scratch, you will have to do a lot to get customers. I use it when skiing, fishing and relaxing on the water. I only wish that we had done this years ago. This business struggled during the period of recession as demand for Jet Ski plummeted and had a slow recovery.


I take pride when gsy launch this boat.

Jet Ski Business Plan

This was boat love at first sight. I have recommended it to my friends who are considering a new boat. Is an issue with pan passangers. First rate service and a great Hurricane boat. Awesome boat with the versatility of fish and ski along with the room for many and still very comfortable seating.

Starting a Jet Ski rental business is not an easy venture.

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AS a first time buyer, I didn’t know what to expect. Welcome to the largest business plan database in the world. This boat handles all of our activities, leisure rides around the lake, grand children tubing, water skiing! Testimonials The Hurricane is an amazing boat.

gdy ski business plan

As a new boat owner the Hurricane ss has exceeded our expectations!! Links Go to Corporate Management Consultants website. To order go to shopping cart by adding this and other business plans or by check include name of Business plans. If you have been tinkering with starting your own Jet Ski rental business, but you lack sufficient knowledge about it, this article will offer you all the necessary information you need to build a successful business. We enjoy traveling the intercoastal, creeks, and hanging out at sandbars.


Very stable and responsive with the Suzki on the back. I busijess definitely buy it busness. No customer comments for the moment. To achieve this, you would have to draft a business plan that would make you see clearly whether the Jet Ski rental business is viable or not. I am really happy with this purchase. Having a great time in our new Hurricane CC Fantastic boat, needed something that could seat 10 people and the sundeck doesn’t disappoint.

A very good value in a lake boat.

gdy ski business plan

A Hurricane makes you feel energized, exhilarated and adventurous. We love the fresh water shower and sink. Some of the challenges include, getting an appropriate business license, getting the right location, bisiness your cost low, etc. The very best deck boat, you can buy this price range.

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