Nepotism and institutional corruption f. Those exceptional countries that respect accountability are ushering an era of hope for the future of democracy. Governance becomes good in democratic system for most of the times. Vacuum of leadership ever since Quaid’s death. These institutions should be given absolute autonomy to bring the corrupt people before the law. Thursday, February 08,

It should also be always kept in mind that …. Status of Women in West 4. Ensure stable democratic system. Our country is suffering from weak institutional set-up, political instability, rampant corruption, lack of accountability and transparency and bad law and order situation. Degradation of social structures 4. Dignified status of mother l. It encompasses four major approaches:

All the state institutions shall be let to work independently without any undue influence and blackmailing.

Both political leaders and beaurocracy go hand in hand for bringing about cult of good governance through effective implementation of public policies.

Download Nulled WordPress Themes. Political instability due to constant military interference 3. It encompasses four major approaches: Bureaucratic hold on all institutions 2. See more of Css Exam Forum on Facebook. Bilawal has not received any notice from NAB: The tradition of nepotism, lack of democratic norms and political recruitments on high government offices must be eliminated in order to promote transparency, accountability and supremacy of law at all levels.

Lastly, political instability in a state puts it into crisis of good governance.

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No state is free of all crises but it is the quality of governance that ensures its survival through any crisis. Now, it has become evidently clear that corruption is the root cause of all evils in a society.


good governance essay jwt

Moreover, due to the ills of nepotism, cronyism and favouritism, and with an utter disregard to merit, a society plunges into an abyss where it has to face perpetual crises of unemployment, backwardness and poverty, which are the basic causes of radicalisation and terrorism.

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Crisis of good governance

Poor law and order situation. Time is now ripe to come out of the false and baseless concepts of provincialism, sectarianism and nepotism. Such a politically aware public do not let someone go scot free if he tries to crush their freedom and dignity.

Atif Noor Khan December 11, Not only states, rather the globe itself have a global accountability system that can take into account the states and organizations. People were frustrated from the corrupt and self-centred governments, and they took out to streets to overthrow them, and to gain their rights.

These are powerful institutions, which need considerable attention to de-politicise their structures.

The supreme power of the state is exercised by some political machinery through which the will of the state is formulated, expressed and enforced and this is what we call the government. To put in a nut shell, it may be stated that good governance is an inevitable phenomenon for the smooth working of any state machinery. Prerequisites of Rssay Governance a. Status of Women in Islam 1. Awareness through education iv. Through media, the state governwnce initiate full-fledge campaign for a corruption-free society.


Equal distribution of resources.

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Good governance comes through strong and independent institutions of the state. In order to bring Pakistan out of the governance-crisis, reforms are essential.

Another jerk to the governance was NRO formulated in Musharraf’s era in to secure his otherwise illegal and unconstitutional reelection as the president. Media can also bring government authorities under accountability for their violations of power and bad governance. It not only disturbs govdrnance social fabric of a society but also devastates the political structure, as it leads to political instability, precarious law and order situation and military interventions as there is an acute crisis of a true, farsighted and visionary leadership.

The very essence of this ancient ggood of governance is being tested. Flourishing economy is one of the major components of good governance as both are interrelated in one way or the other. And, to eradicate all these evils, curbing corruption is more than necessary.

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