He worked with Bruce Parry on his autobiographical bestseller Tribe. For information on the latest courses from Guardian Masterclasses, sign up to our newsletter , follow us on Twitter or keep an eye on our calendar. How to write stories for children with Laura Dockrill. Each student will be given the opportunity to talk about their desires and fears and their past writing experience if it applies , and their literary tastes. How do I know?

This session will be given over to individual tutorials. In the second half we will write about and think about how we establish the physical presence of our subjects. The group will be asked to write their own word landscape piece for next week. You are the main character in your own story—you will be encouraged to use the craft of fiction to bring your memoir alive. The course will be a pass or fail.

We also discuss how this process will affect your existing memories — and possibly destroy them. How to tell a story – this level will focus on the art of good storytelling and will introduce students to the craft of narrative fiction. When do you know that your story is completed? There will creatuve a thorough summation of the course.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

But the power of description is available to us to transport the reader into the worlds of our fiction; to evoke and stimulate; to create atmosphere and to bring our stories alive, to make them palpable. How can masterclaass enrich scenes from the past with telling and convincing dialogue.

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They will draw on their own experience guarsian writing biographies to discuss questions of technique, subject matter, and research. This course outline is provisional. How to finish a work of fiction – this level is for writers who are ready to undertake the demanding process of establishing a final draft. Finance Undergraduate Fees and Funding.


One is to explore the genre of biography in many of its different manifestations. This course is no longer running.

Medical and Life Sciences. Suitable for writers of all levels, this is the ideal class to help you to get your novel out of your head and onto the page. We will discuss the crossover between memoir and travel writing and look at work by Annie Dillard, Jill Ker Conway, and Jonathan Raban.

Refunds Refunds will not be given to students who miss sessions or drop out of the course once the masterclss fee has been paid. This will be determined by ongoing assessment and a final submission of 5, words.

Timings and specifics The course will have places for 12 participants who will meet for one three-hour session per week 6. We will look at authenticity in dialogue and how dialogue can be used to express character, show rather than tell external detail, convey information, as well as advance the plot.

We will discuss the usefulness and relevance of this method to your own work. Students will have already discussed the next stage of their writing in their tutorials and they will be encouraged to share this with the group and to set goals.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

I’m certain it will be an extremely valuable experience for those participating. These two objectives will complement each other, enriching your own practice by thinking about the work of others and developing a greater understanding of the potential of biography as a genre through your work as a biographer.

Creeative are mqsterclass to form this partnership with the Guardian which we believe will enable us to share this expertise among a broader range of people who want to improve their writing. Student Life Campus Life. Learn the secrets behind modern day marketing channels and attract more customers online at this actionable class with award-winning campaign strategist Laurie Wang.


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Everything will be covered but there will be some flexibility in shifting things around according to the flow writig the workshops and the needs of the students. The course will be guided by two main objectives.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

To what extent can a writer of non-fiction invent material, and what are the ethics surrounding that? Submissions can only be made electronically and should be emailed to: Mark will lead the discussion and general lessons will be learned from the close study of each piece.

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Language Prose style – the way you use language in your fiction – is a matter of inclination and taste. After 24 weeks, you will have written one word and one word section of your memoir and will have received invaluable critical feedback on your project to help you build your skills for the future.

This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know to embark on your own project. But there are no hard and fast rules and short stories can be as experimental and off-the-wall as the gurdian desires.

We will consider the role of dialogue in this. Week 10 Exploring the genre:

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