Frogger , a game where the players has to cross a rapid river by jumping on logs that float down the river. Completing an achievement may reward the player with achievement points , a mastery point , an item , or a title. Players start off with two lives at the beginning of each zone, and more lives can be purchased from certain shopkeepers in each zone. Small tasks in Siren’s Landing ; resets and changes each day. Normal hits received use up one heart, while weaker hits from poisonous water, for example can use up half a heart. Crafting , salvaging , gathering , applying upgrades , changing skins and collecting coin. No longer obtainable achievements, previously available in the General or Competitive achievement groups.

Playing the Legacy of the Foefire map in structured PvP. Unlocking and mastering of revenant ‘s core and every profession ‘s Heart of Thorns elite specializations. Each Glorious Chest contains:. While inside, players are able to earn Bauble Bubbles that can be exchanged with Moto for various items. A Link to the Past where killing chickens or “cuccos” is a bad idea. SAB will run from March 28 to April 18 Participating in the Halloween events of Blood and Madness in

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Completing personal and dungeon storiesmaps and eventsgaining experience without dying and opening birthday gifts.

Tribulation Mode is a grueling difficulty intended for hardcore gamers, including booby trapspath restrictionsand the likelihood that nearly anything, from flowers to the checkpoints themselves, being able to instantly kill players. This acts as a level select mechanic for the platformer.


Two “other task” achievements are selected each day. Achievements that have been completed are removed from the watchlist automatically.

Normal hits received use up one heart, while weaker hits from poisonous water, for example can use up half a heart. Year of the Ascension Part IV.

Cokrsework story instances and challenges in the release All or Nothing and the zone Thunderhead Peaks. This also includes other early games such as Loom.

gw2 coursework achievement

Each zone is unlocked after completing the previous one, and all of them can be accessed and played individually without needing to complete the entire world in a go. Once coyrsework reach enough achievement points, you will be granted achievement rewards, including an achievement chestpermanent account bonuseslaurelscoinsgemsand unlockable reward skins.

Participating in the events of Queen’s Jubilee. Completing story instances and challenges in the release A Crack in the Ice and the zone Bitterfrost Frontier.

Guide to Daily Super Adventure Festival achievements

Completing story instances and challenges in the Verdant Brink arc of Heart of Thorns. Completing the restoration of Caladbolg. The Health Potion healing skill can hold up to 9 charges. You can help the Guild Wars 2 Wiki by expanding it.

There are many in-jokes and references about Shigeru Miyamotothe creator of many iconic Nintendo games and characters. This will launch the player into the clouds above the Hub, and climbing further on the clouds will allow you to reach the four cannons.

gw2 coursework achievement

Accounts with a character 31 and above will see the full amount of four per category. Achievements are a system in the game to help gauge what a player has accomplished in the game. Completing challenges in Crystal Oasis. There are two feats for each of the four checkpoints in the zone and a feat for completing the zone.


Completing challenges in The Silverwastes. Players must climb into the cannons to be shot onto other clouds with Cloud Flags, and must interact with each flag to get the achievement. This can be done only in normal mode. Collecting various items for crafting legendary armor. Progression, achievement points, and titles are shared across all characters on an account.

gw2 coursework achievement

You will need to complete the Course Work: World 1 Super Adventure Box: The race starts at the opposite end of the lobby from the entrance and involves quite a bit of jumping. The baubles dropped by monsters will disappear if not picked up within a short time around 10 sec.

GW2 Super Adventure Box 2019 Event Guide

Zones are only unlocked per character and are not account bound. The summary provides information on log-in rewardsunlocked rewards, account bonuses, recently completed achievement, and nearly completed achievements.

Unlocking and mastering of every profession ‘s Path of Fire elite specializations.

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