There were many impacts including;. The pressure that was built up because of the friction between the 2 plates was eventually released causing a magnitude 7 earthquake on the Richter Scale with an epicentre 16 miles West of Port-au-Prince and a shallow focus of 5 miles. Greenfield Geography – scroll down the page to the section on the Holderness Coast. Revision Resources Explore the revision resources below. Then study the following figures in the book very carefully:

Ensure you have finished the diagrams and explanations of the different river features: Because there were few earthquake-resistant buildings , the devastation was massive. What factors influence earthquake damage Hodder p62, Oxford ? Explain what oktas are? Finish the exercises on the storm hydrographs.

So, turn off your phone, TV and earthsuake and get on. Mention why the storm developed, what effects it had and what the response was. Predict, Protect and Prepare. Delays in aid distribution led to angry appeals from aid workers and survivors, and looting and sporadic violence were observed. Read page 94, copy diagram 3.

haiti earthquake case study bbc bitesize

Both plates move in the same direction, but one moves faster than the other. Evaluate the possible reasons for the aid effort to Haiti being so slow. Give a brief explanation of each one.

Earthquakes – OCR – Revision 5 – GCSE Geography – BBC Bitesize

These people are there to support you and may have a different perspective to help you get through this time. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Look a the sheet you have been casse and explain with examples the 3Ps: Homework for Jan stuyd Some secondary effects didn’t happen until many months later, eg cholera outbreaks.


Explain how the following features are formed, include diagrams: Finish the Rivers revision booklet. Homework for Friday, May 22nd: Finish the worksheet on Weather and Climate. It stops you feeling isolated and alone. Primary caused directly by the earthquake.

Earthquakes – Revision 5 – GCSE Geography – BBC Bitesize

Communication systems, air, land, and sea transport facilities, hospitals, and electrical networks had been damaged by the earthquake, which slowed rescue and aid efforts.

What causes earthquakes – both natural and man-made p62 Hodder and p Oxford? There were many aftershocks after the main event. Haiti is part of a large Caribbean island called Hispaniola.

Earthquake Case Study (Haiti – Poor)

To finish off the coasts topic you should earthquame together a couple more case studies: People were squashed into shanty towns or onto the streets because their homes had been destroyed leading to poor sanitation and health, and looting became a real problem.

Shelter, schools and hospitals, jobs, tourism, transport, fear International response and help How can tsunami danger be reduced?


haiti earthquake case study bbc bitesize

Finish the worksheet on River processes, then on your A3 sheet fill in two squares showing how potholes and rapids are formed see page – include a bullet point explanation and a diagram for each one. Transport and communication links were also badly damaged by the earthquake. Ezrthquake is estimated the 1 in 5 jobs were lost as a result of the quake Rubble from collapsed buildings blocked roads and rail links.

You are not alone. Make sure you send me the case studies history2 runnymede-college. The earthquake’s epicentre was 25 km west of Port-au-Prince, the capital.

Here is the link to the case studies which should download and adapt to your needs. There were many impacts including;people died and more than a million people were made homeless, even in people remained in make shift temporary homes.

Its capital city is Port-au-Prince. You should have finished the diagrams explaining the formation of meanders, levees and deltas.

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